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And by unusual girls' names, we mean those used for 25 or fewer baby girls last year. Click here to see lots more girls' names and here to view our full menu of ...

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Of course you want to give your beautiful baby-to-be a beautiful baby name! ... While its meaning of "man from Adrian" is nothing to write home about, there's ...

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Clearly the odd meaning of this Irish name has not deterred many parents from bestowing it upon their babies. In fact, Kennedy was the 83rd most popular baby  ...

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Aug 19, 2013 ... In Japan, the meaning of names can often be easily understood since they are typically made up of two or three Chinese characters. But what ...

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Lucifer is a nice-sounding boy's name with a great meaning — it's Latin for "light bringer." However, having the name will immediately associate you with Satan ...

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Apr 29, 2014 ... Bizarre baby name: A survey of 1,500 people found that 20per cent ... Nimrod: A boy's name of Hebrew origin, with the meaning 'we will rebel'.

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The 50 most unique baby names for 2015, unusual boy names and unique girl names, cool names, rare names, unique names and top names, unique celebrity  ...

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The etymology and history of first names. ... Given Name ODD. GENDER: Masculine ... Derived from Old Norse oddr meaning "point of a sword". Related Names.

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The *REAL* Meanings of Names ... Dane - weird but can hold together a conversation with a mermaid. .... Tim - hot but a bit strange, can never tell where he is.

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Unique Baby Names - Don't settle for this year's popular, be unique! Find powerful ... Unique Baby Names and Their "Meanings" ... Unusual Cute Baby Names.

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Baby names with weird meanings


These baby names for boys and girls have some of the weirdest meanings.

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Weird Celebrity Baby Names, Nearly Unique Baby Names of 2013, Baby Names with Weird Meanings., Page 1.

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Irish Names for Boys and Girls. Over 200 Irish Names that are popular and unique for Irish Baby Names with their Irish Gaelic meanings and origins.