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The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System and is by far the most important source of ..... Structure. Core. Main article: Solar core. The structure of the Sun. The core of the Sun extend...

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Much like the earth, the Sun has many different layers that define its structure. Unlike the earth, the Sun is completely gaseous, there is no solid surface on the ...

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Structure of the Sun. The Core: The Sun's core has a tremendously high temperature and pressure. The temperature is roughly 15 million °C. At this temperature, ...

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This graphic shows a model of the layers of the Sun, with approximate ... that reveal how the sun's magnetic field structures its atmosphere on fine scales.

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Aug 18, 2011 ... The Sun and planets are shown to the same scale. The small terrestrial planets and tiny Pluto are in the box---the Earth is the blue dot near the ...

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The sun has many layers, from the inner core to the outer corona. Each layer has its own characteristics, such as its temperature, its density, and the different ...

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Sun: The Sun is a self-luminous ball of gas held together by its own gravity and ... The structure of the Sun is determined by 5 relations or physical concepts:.

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The Structure of the Sun. anatomy of the sun. The sun is essentially a giant ball of gas and plasma that gets hotter and denser as you travel from the outer rim to ...

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The high pressures and temperatures within the sun allow for nuclear fusion to take place, ... The animation below describes the detailed structure of the Sun.

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A guide to structure of the Sun, and its celestial events.

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This is the inner most part of the Sun. Here gravity has squeezed the Sun so much that hydrogen compresses together to form helium and release energy ...

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Discover the layers of the sun, including the core, radiative zone, convective zone , photosphere, chromosphere and corona. Find out which layers...

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The interior structure of the sun is still somewhat of a mystery. The opaque mass of the sun is traditionally thought of as being organized in layers around a ...