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Nasal Congestion
A stuffy nose refers to congestion in the nasal passages due to inflammation and mucous buildup, often the result of a viral illness or allergic reaction. More »
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Nasal congestion


It is also known as nasal blockage, nasal obstruction, blocked nose, stuffy nose, ... They relieve congestion by constricting the blood vessels in the nasal cavity, ...

8 Ways to Clear a Stuffy Nose: Breathe Better - Healthline


Sep 12, 2013 ... Many people mistakenly think a stuffy nose is the result of too much mucus ... relieve the inflammation and irritation that cause your congestion.

7 Natural Remedies for Congestion Relief ... - Everyday Health


Dec 7, 2011 ... If a stuffy nose is driving you crazy, there are options other than medication that may help. Try these natural ways to relieve your nasal ...

(However, per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, cough and cold medications are not recommended for children under six.) Also, while these medications can improve comfort they do have side effects, so here are some other things you can try before taking medication: ... More »
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4 Ways to Clear a Stuffy Nose - wikiHow


A congested or stuffy nose is caused by inflamed blood vessels in the ... Depending on the cause of the stuffiness, you might be able to find some relief in widely ...

12 Home Remedies for the Cold: Nasal Spray, Steam, & More


Don't let that nasty cold get the best of you. Take charge with simple do-it-yourself treatments that clear up your stuffy nose and soothe your scratchy throat.

Easy Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion | The Dr. Oz Show


Nov 4, 2013 ... Don't rely on addictive nasal sprays for stuffy nose relief. Here are five easy home remedies to help you open up your airways.

Stuffy Nose? 14 Tips for Treating Kids Colds - Health.com


Treating a kids cold is trickier than in the past. Even though parents may have once reached for over-the-counter cough and cold remedies, the U.S. Food and ...

How To Clear A Stuffy Nose Instantly - YouTube


Jan 14, 2014 ... How To Clear A Stuffy Nose Instantly ... Dr. Alyssa demonstrates acupressure treatment for sinus relief - Duration: 6:57. by Alyssa Summey ...

Relief for a Stuffy Nose
Nasal congestion, known more colloquially as a stuffy nose, is a common, harmless condition, wherein the nasal passages accumulate too much fluid, resulting in swollen blood vessels and nasal tissue. It is often accompanied with a runny nose. Treatment... More »
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Q: Stuffy Nose relief for kitten?
A: A culture and sensitivity would probably be a good idea. The only thing that you can do for your kitten's stuffy nose Nose fracture is to use a baby bulb syring... Read More »
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Q: Stuffy nose relief.?
A: Have you tried a humidifier if you have one handy? They can help immensely with stuffy noses. If you don't have one handy you can make a makeshift one by either... Read More »
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Q: Stuffy nose relief for five month old...?
A: Run hot water (from the faucet) onto a wash cloth. Ring cloth with hands and gently place it over nose and sinus area (area between eyes). The warmth will softe... Read More »
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Q: Quick, long lasting stuffy nose relief?
A: I have allergies and there is a mucous relief sinus that works for me. I take two a day. It helps drain the clogged sinuses and nasal passages. It is similar to... Read More »
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Q: Relief for Stuffy Nose
A: Hi J., I'm sorry to hear about your son's difficulty breathing and all of his discomfort. I have a 10 week old little boy who has apparently begun teething quit... Read More »
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