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Shortening vs. Butter in Cookies: What's the Difference? — Food ...


Dec 12, 2014 ... Don't, however, substitute butter with shortening in cookies like shortbreads or sugar cookies, where butter really is a key flavoring.

How to Substitute Butter for Vegetable Shortening | LEAFtv


How to Substitute Butter for Vegetable Shortening. By Samantha Lowe. Almost every baking recipe calls for some kind of fat to be added to retain the moisture, ...

Shortening Substitution | Taste of Home


Many of my older recipes for cakes and cookies call for shortening. It seems that today's recipes use mostly butter or margarine. Can these be substituted for ...

Can I use butter or vegetable oil in place of shortening? will a recipe ...


What would be the major difference if I used butter or oil and what is the best ... I' m with you, I don't use shortening either, I generally just substitute butter.

Clarified Butter: A Substitute for Shortening? - Cook's Illustrated


We wondered whether clarified butter or ghee, a type of clarified butter popular in Indian cooking, might make a worthy substitute in pie dough.

Butter vs. Shortening - Flourish - King Arthur Flour


Nov 23, 2013 ... The butter/shortening crust (which was, by the way, just as tender and flaky as the ... How about substituting vegetable margarine for the butter?

How to Substitute Butter for Shortening Video | MyRecipes


Learn the correct ratio to substitute butter for shortening.

Substitutes for Shortening / Nutrition / Healthy Eating - FitDay


Both butter and margarine can substitute for shortening in a pinch. When using butter or margarine as a substitute, you should use 1 â?? cups of butter or ...

Butter vs Shortening in Baking | power hungry


Apr 30, 2008 ... Yesterday, Judi.0044 asked me about whether and when you can substitute shortening for butter in baked goods. I have a lot of experience in ...

Can I use butter instead of shortening? | MyRecipes


Aug 13, 2012 ... I often find that a combination of the two is best; that is, substitute part of the shortening with butter to get the best balance of flavor and texture.

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How to Substitute Butter for Shortening When Baking


... can I use butter or margarine instead?" If so, you're not alone. Shortening and butter substitute questions come up all the time, especially in baking. Here's our ...

baking - Substitute ratio when using butter instead of shortening ...


1/2 cup of shortening is 110 g, while 1/2 cup of butter is 114 g. Also, butter is only 82% fat. So if you want to be precise, use 134 g of butter: ...

substitutions - Recipe calls for shortening, I want to substitute butter ...


No, shortening is a solid fat. This means you have to substitute another solid fat, else the recipe won't work. So, use the butter as it is. You probably ...