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Contrast effect


A contrast effect is the enhancement or diminishment, relative to normal, of perception, cognition or related performance as a result of successive ( immediately ...

Simultaneous and Successive Contrast


The terms "simultaneous contrast" and "successive contrast" refer to visual effects in which the appearance of a patch of light (the "test field") is affected by other ...

law of successive contrast | optics | Britannica.com


Chevreul's second law, of successive contrast, referred to the optical sensation that a complementary colour halo appears gradually to surround an intense hue.

successive contrast, law of: examples | Encyclopedia Britannica


Multimedia for successive contrast, law of: examples. Explore the updated online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of ...

Goethe and Chevreul: Simultaneous Contrast - Webexhibits


Goethe and Chevreul: Simultaneous Contrast. Picture of ... Successive contrast, such as that used by the 20th century painter Bridget Riley, is the complement of  ...

Color Theory for Digital Displays: A Quick Reference: Part II ...


Jan 23, 2006 ... See Figure 22 for an example; successive contrast—When surrounded by an intense hue, a weaker hue takes on the hue of the surrounding ...

Amazing Color Effect 2: Successive Contrast | Union Jack Flag


May 16, 2009 ... Successive contrast. I wrote an article about simultaneous contrast entitled Amazing color effect that all designers should...

SIMULTANEOUS CONTRAST and VISUAL ... - color phenomena


May 18, 2010 ... SUCCESSIVE CONTRAST on page 11.02 ... Simultaneous Contrast refers to the visual influence of a color in close proximity to another when ...

Simultaneous and successive contrast effects in the perception of ...


Perception. 1982;11(3):247-62. Simultaneous and successive contrast effects in the perception of depth from motion-parallax and stereoscopic information.

Determinants of cumulative successive contrast in saltiness intensity ...


Percept Psychophys. 1996 Jul;58(5):713-24. Determinants of cumulative successive contrast in saltiness intensity judgments. Schifferstein HN(1), Oudejans IM.

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Adaptation and Successive Contrast - The Dimensions of Colour


ADAPTATION. We all know that the muscles of the iris can increase or decrease the size of the pupil in response to dimmer or brighter light respectively, but this ...

The Concept of Simultaneous and Successive Contrast - Buzzle


Jan 5, 2012 ... The Concept of Simultaneous and Successive Contrast. Perception of colors is a concept that can only be seen to be explained. This will ...

successive contrast Definition - Creative Glossary


Definition of successive contrast at CreativeGlossary.com.