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A sugar substitute is a food additive that provides a sweet taste like that of sugar while containing significantly less food energy. Some sugar substitutes are ...

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Are artificial sweeteners, honey, agave nectar, or high-fructose corn syrup healthier than table sugar? To help you decide, here's the real deal on 10 common ...

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Today artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes are found in a variety of food and beverages; they're marketed as "sugar-free" or "diet," including soft ...

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Sugar substitutes (artificial sweeteners) are chemical or plant-based substances used to sweeten or enhance the flavor of foods & drinks.

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Nov 1, 2008 ... Thanks to the newest sugar substitutes, it's becoming easier (and healthier) to bake your cake and eat it too! There are so many alternative ...

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Feb 11, 2014 ... Sayonara, refined sugar— there are others way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Think outside the sugar packet and try these 30 different ways to ...

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Find out which natural sweeteners are my favs, and which ones will be best for you. ... This healthy sugar substitute from the sunflower family, native to subtropical and .... So, super excited about incorporating that. ... We love raw honey and stevia as well but I've been looking more into Xylitol as a substitute lately as well.

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Dec 23, 2014 ... Sugar Substitutes—What's Safe and What's Not ... Like GMOs, Industry Wants to Hide Artificial Sweeteners in Foods ...... also added leaves to loose tea so a touch of added sweetness is already incorporated into my drink.

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Before jumping into sugar substitutes, it is important to first identify what sugar is, exactly. Getting a better understanding of sugar and sugar substitutes can improve nutrient quality and calorie control in the diet. ... So many types and forms of sugar and sweeteners are incorporated in common food ... What's My Diet Type?

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Q: Caster Sugar Substitutes | LEAFtv
A: A fair number of recipes call for the use of caster sugar, including meringues, ice cream, breads, savory pancakes and curries. If you find that you do not hav... Read More »
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Q: Packed Brown Sugar Substitutes | LEAFtv
A: If you're aching to making some delicious cobbler or cookies that call for a cup of brown sugar and find your pantry wanting for that key ingredient, never... Read More »
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Q: Are sugar substitutes such as 'sugar free' healthier than...
A: 1 One gram of carbohydrate will not raise blood sugar more than 5 mg/dl for most diabetic adults (but considerably more for small children). 2 saccharin tablet... Read More »
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Q: What artificial sugar substitutes is better, sucralose or Stevia?...
A: Jan 5, 2015 ... The noncaloric sweeteners stevia and sucralose are both many times sweeter than sugar. Sucralose is made by modifying sucrose (table ... Read More »
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Q: Confectioner Sugar Substitutes | LEAFtv
A: Confectioner's sugar, also known as icing sugar and powdered sugar, is not truly a different kind of sugar than the regular white sugar you probably have i... Read More »
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