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It is not safe for dogs to eat sugary foods.
Too much sugar can do the same thing to dogs that it does to humans. It can lead to obesity, dental problems, and even diabetes... More >>
Foods Dogs Should Not Eat:

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According to Pets Web MD, sugar is not toxic to dogs. However, it is bad for them in large quantities, having the potential to cause the same issues it does in ...

Dogs and Sugar: Good or Bad? | The Honest Kitchen Blog


Jan 15, 2015 ... This means dogs tend to be attracted to sweets, just like us. In addition to enjoying the taste of sweet foods, dogs can also suffer from sugar ...

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May 8, 2015 ... Fifty percent of the total calories in breast milk comes from fat. Fat content is ... If you eat mostly saturated fats, a higher percentage of the fats in your milk will be saturated. ... Eating a lot of sugar in your diet will not change the composition of your breast milk. ... Are Coconut Oil & Vitamin D Okay for I...

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Jun 26, 2015 ... Feeding your baby nothing but breast milk for the first six months can ... Eating too many high-sugar, fatty or salty foods during pregnancy or ...

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Aug 15, 2007 ... Mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy and breastfeeding may be ... in fatty, sugary and salty foods under the misguided assumption that ...

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Here are 10 disturbing reasons why you should avoid added sugar like the plague. ... When people eat up to 10-20% of calories as sugar (or more), this can  ...

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Mar 8, 2012 ... What we know is that added sugars put you at a higher risk for a poor lipid (fats) profile: Higher triglycerides, lower HDL (the good cholesterol) ...

What Happens in Your Body When You Eat Too Much Sugar?


Discover the devastating side effects of too much sugar (fructose) consumption on your body, and the deadly illnesses linked to this substance.