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The energy currency for the work that animals must do is the energy rich molecule ATP. The ATP is produced in the mitochondria using energy stored in food.

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The ATP is produced in the mitochondria using energy stored in food. ... This ATP production by the mitochondria is done by the process of respiration, which in ...

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The mitochondrion performs most cellular oxidations and ... inner membrane) provides the basis for ATP production in the matrix by a ...

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Apr 13, 2015 ... Energy Conversion: Mitochondria and ATP Production Mitochondria ... of Glycolysis • In summary, a single glucose molecule produces a total ...

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and metabolic pathways in the mitochondria produce CO2 and H2O when the fuel ... To summarize what we learned before, fats, proteins and carbohydrates are ...

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Mitochondria; The Citric Acid Cycle; The Electron Transport Chain ... The energy released is trapped in the form of ATP for use by all the energy-consuming activities of the cell. ... (Defects in either process can produce serious, even fatal, illness.) ... Summary: Each of the 3 carbon atoms present in the pyruvate that entered ....

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Fatty acids are oxidized to acetyl CoA in the mitochondria using the fatty acid spiral. ... When calculating ATP production, you have to show how many acetyl CoA ...



CELLULAR RESPIRATION SUMMARY ... of glucose (C6H12O6) in the presence of oxygen (O2) to produce cellular energy (ATP): ... The pyruvic acid diffuses into the inner compartment of the mitochondrion where a transition reaction (Fig.

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40% of the energy is captured to produce ATP from ADP and the remaining 60% escapes as heat. (used to .... mitochondrial matrix that function to reduce the coenzymes NAD+ and FAD. The 2- ... Summary of the Citric Acid Cycle: 2 Acetyl Co ...

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Glycolysis Summary ... The net production of "visible" ATP is: 4 ATP. Steps 1 ... chain is in the mitochondria which has membrane that is not permeable to NADH.