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Summers v. Tice


Summers v. Tice, 33 Cal.2d 80, 199 P.2d 1 (1948), is a seminal California Supreme Court tort ... Summers v. Tice ... Charles A. Summers v. Howard W. Tice, et al.

Summers v. Earth Island Institute | Oyez


Mar 3, 2009 ... Summers v. Earth Island Institute ... Petitioner. Priscilla Summers, et al. Respondent. Earth Island Institute, et al.

Current approach to diagnosis and treatment of delirium after ... - NCBI


Mar 9, 2016 ... Karkouti et al. studied 9080 patients and observed a 10% increased .... surgery demonstrated a reduced incidence of delirium (11.1% vs. .... Miyazaki S, Yoshitani K, Miura N, Irie T, Inatomi Y, Ohnishi Y, et al. ..... Inouye SK, Bogardus ST, Jr, Charpentier PA, Leo-Summers L, Acampora D, Holford TR, et al.

social vulnerability to climate change in california - California Energy ...


Public Health), Atta Stevenson (Intertribal Council), Miya Yoshitani (Asian Pacific. Environmental ..... Temperature Over the Summer Period in the B1 Scenario . ... v. Figure 10: Social Vulnerability of Population in Areas with High Exposure (>38 Days) to. Extreme ..... be particularly vulnerable to disasters (Hajat et al. 2003 ...

Microbial eukaryotic distribution in a dynamic Beaufort Sea and the ...


Sep 29, 2010 ... mism in the open ocean (Martiny et al., 2006; Massana et al. ... and river inflow in summer or cooling and sinking deeper in winter. .... with a 1/10 (v/v_dilution) of SybrGold (GE ...... Okazaki, Y., Takahashi, K., Yoshitani, H. et al.

Evaluation of the Complementary Relationship Using Noah Land ...


nominal summer precipitation is generally lost through canopy-intercepted ... et al . 2006) data; it provides us with the baseline esti- mates of potential and actual ET to derive the rela- tionship. ...... Jin, X., and V. Sridhar, 2012: Impacts of climate change on hy- ... J. Yoshitani, and K. Fukami, 1998: A regional-scale land sur-.

Assessment of a Regional-Scale Weather Model for Hydrological ...


Mar 17, 2016 ... in Korea (Hong & Lee, 2009) and Japan (Yoshitani et al., 2009). .... humidity, and u- and v-winds, at 26 mandatory stretching levels between 10mb and ... cloud clusters and local convection associated with summer monsoons.

Climate Diagnostics and Implications from Climate Change


Jan 1, 2016 ... Severe flooding occurred in Thailand during the 2011 summer season, which resulted in more .... 2015). As far as climate change is concerned, van Oldenborgh et al. ...... Lacombe, G., C. T. Hoanh, and V. Smakhtin, 2012: Multi- year ... Tebakari, T., J. Yoshitani, and C. Suvanpimol, 2005: Time–space trend.

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Sep 20, 2003 ... summer to autumn in both the Okhotsk Sea and the northwestern North .... 2000 [ Nakatsuka et al., submitted; Honda, 2001; Honda et al., 2002]. .... board R/V Khromov and R/V Mirai, and Drs. K. I. Ohshima, Y. Fukamachi,. G. Mizuta ... Okazaki, Y., K. Takahashi, H. Yoshitani, T. Nakatsuka, M. Ikehara, and.

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Aug 2, 2016 ... Lin Y-S, Cherng W-J, et al. (2016) ...... Scheidt S, Wilner G, Mueller H, Summers D , Lesch M, Wolff G, et al. ... Takeuchi M, Nohtomi Y, Yoshitani H, Miyazaki C, Sakamoto K, Yoshikawa J. Enhanced coronary flow .... left ventricular assist devices vs. intra-aortic balloon pump counterpulsation for treatment of ...

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SUMMERS v. EARTH ISLAND INSTITUTE - Legal Information Institute


See United States v. Detroit Timber & Lumber Co., 200 U. S. 321 . SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES. SUMMERS et al. v. EARTH ISLAND ...

Social Vulnerability to Climate Change in California


Public Health), Atta Stevenson (Intertribal Council), Miya Yoshitani (Asian Pacific. Environmental ..... Temperature Over the Summer Period in the B1 Scenario . ... v. Figure 10: Social Vulnerability of Population in Areas with High Exposure (>38 Days) to ..... ensure equal protection for low-income communities (Pastor et al.

Distribution of living radiolarians in spring in the South China Sea ...


Cite this article as: Hu, W., Zhang, L., Chen, M. et al. Sci. ... The Monitoring Report on the Onset of Summer Monsoon in 2009 (in Chinese). ... Okazaki Y, Takahashi K, Yoshitani H, et al. ... Radiolyarii Nassellaria v Planktone Mirovogo Okeana.