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The mean surface temperature of the Sun is 5506°C (9944°F)
The mean core temperature of the Sun is 15,000,000°C(27,000,032°F)



However, after hydrogen fusion in its core has stopped, the Sun will undergo ..... By contrast, the Sun's surface temperature is approximately 5,800 K. Recent ...

How Hot is the Sun? | Temperature of the Sun - Space.com


Aug 15, 2012 ... The temperature of the sun at its core is 27 million degrees, but only about 10 million degrees on its surface.

How hot is the Sun? | Cool Cosmos


The temperature at the surface of the Sun is about 10,000 Fahrenheit (5,600 Celsius). The temperature rises from the surface of the Sun inward towards the very ...

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Jan 15, 2014 ... The answer is different for each part of the sun. Arranged in layers, the sun varies in temperature: It is hottest at its center, and cooler in its outer ...

The Sun's Layers and Temperatures - Space Technology 5 - NASA


The Sun's Layers and Temperatures. The Sun is a huge ball of gas. Unlike Earth, it doesn't have a solid surface where we could stand——even if it were cool ...

Is lightning hotter than the sun? : Discovery News


May 13, 2010 ... Yep, the answer is a bolt of lightning, which can reach temperatures of roughly 30,000 kelvins (53,540 degrees Fahrenheit). The sun, on the ...

The Earth's Core Is as Hot as the Surface of the Sun - The Atlantic


Apr 26, 2013 ... This temperature, blazing hot to a degree beyond comprehension, is the same as that of the surface of the sun. Yes, you read that right: the core ...

I read that the sun's surface temperature is about 6,000 degrees ...


Oct 21, 1999 ... I read that the sun's surface temperature is about 6,000 degrees Celsius but that the corona--the sun's atmosphere--is much hotter, millions of ...

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We can use our theoretical understanding of the way the Sun works to model the actual central temperature: the current number is 15.71 million degrees Kelvin ...

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Q: What is the Sun's temperature?
A: Our sun's surface temperature averages, by direct spectral measurement, approximately 10,000 o Fahrenheit, or 5500 o Celsius or 5774 o Kelvin. -ish. Internal te... Read More »
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Q: What is the sun's temperature in Fairenhight?
A: 10,000 Degrees Read More »
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Q: What is the sun temperature?
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Q: What is the sun's temperature in Fahrenheit?
A: The Sun's Temperature: The outer visible layer is 11,000 degrees F & Read More »
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Q: What is the sun's temperature?
A: The sun has several layers, each with its own temperature. Here they all are, from the core outward. Core - 27-million Fahrenheit. Photosphere - 9,750 Fahrenhei... Read More »
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