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A supergiant star forms when a main sequence star runs out of hydrogen atoms in its core. The star may begin to fuse helium atoms, and the change in heat and pressure can cause the...

supergiant star
Astronomy an exceptionally luminous star whose diameter is more than 100 times that of the sun, as Betelgeuse or Antares.
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edit]. Although the term supergiant does not have a single concrete definition, there are several other categories of ...

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Supergiants are the most massive stars. Supergiants can have masses from 10 to 70 solar masses and brightness from 30000 up to hundreds of thousands ...

The energy released by the very high rate of helium fusion means that the star would not be stable as a yellow giant (like low and medium mass stars are at this phase) or even a red giant, but rather evolve directly into a red supergiant. In fact, it is common for high... More »
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A super giant star is the exact same thing as a giant star only much bigger. Remember that as a star gets older it begins to run out of fuel. As the star runs out of ...

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Red Supergiants. A star of 15 solar masses exhausts its hydrogen in about one- thousandth the lifetime of our sun. It proceeds through the red giant phase, but ...

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Feb 12, 2009 ... If our Sun is an average sized star, there are some true monsters out there. They' re the supergiant stars, and they come in two flavors: red and ...

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May 16, 2012 ... Put the Sun next to a supergiant star and you'll have a hard time finding it. Supergiant stars are the largest stars in the universe. They can be ...

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Our sun is a star, but did you know that it is an average star? The universe is home to many different kinds of stars including the supergiants,...

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Q: Which supergiant star is the hottest?
A: Canopus. Read More »
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Q: What are blue supergiant stars?
A: Blue Supergiant stars [See Link] are extremely hot and bright, with surface temperatures of 20,000-50,000 K. They typically have 10 to 50 solar masses and can h... Read More »
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Q: What Is a Supergiant Star?
A: Massive stars are defined as those that have a mass at least three times that of the Sun. Some of them have as much as 50 times the mass of the Sun. The more ma... Read More »
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Q: What is supergiant star?
A: ( ¦sü·pər′gī·ənt ′stär ) (astronomy) A member of the family containing the intrinsically brightest stars, populating the top of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram;... Read More »
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Q: What is a explosion of a supergiant star?
A: Type II Supernovae occur after a massive star has exhausted its fuel supply Read More »
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