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Supporting Details. What are supporting sentences? They come after the topic sentence, making up the body of a paragraph. What do they do? They give details ...

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Oct 29, 2014 ... Find out what supporting details are and their role in essay writing. Learn the different ways to include supporting details, then take a quiz to...

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MAIN IDEAS AND SUPPORTING DETAILS. DEFINITION OF A PARAGRAPH. • A group or specially and intentionally related sentences; a thought unit;.



Objectives: 1. How to provide details which support the topic sentence. 2. How to check for cohesion between topic sentences and supporting details.

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To introduce supporting details. To explain how to provide details that support the topic sentence. To explain how to provide supporting details that are relevant ...

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Supporting Details - Tutor Hints. Supporting Details provide information to clarify, prove, or explain the main idea. These details demonstrate the validity of the ...

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Supporting details are pieces of information which add additional facts to explain and bolster an opinion, claim, or belief.

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Without strong and vivid supporting details, it hardly matters what a great topic sentence a writer has created for a paragraph. It's the supporting details, in.

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Organizing Supporting Details in Paragraphs. Time4Writing provides these teachers materials to teachers and parents at no cost. More presentations, handouts ...

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Supporting Details in Writing. 4. A paragraph is a series of sentences that support a main idea, or point. A paragraph typically starts with the main idea or point ...

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... you more about the main idea. Supporting details make your main idea stronger! Let's try some! Directions: Read each story and choose 2 supporting details.

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To help locate the supporting details of a paragraph, first identify the main idea. Then turn the main idea statement into a question. You can use a "w" word to do  ...

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Supporting details are additional details that support the topic sentence in a paragraph. They let the reader understand and learn more about the main idea.