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to assume (something), as for the sake of argument or as part of a proposition or theory: Suppose the distance to be one mile.
to consider (something) as a possibility suggested or an idea or plan proposed: Suppose we wait until tomorrow.
to believe or assume as true; take for granted: It is supposed that his death was an accident.
to think or hold as an opinion: What do you suppose he will do?
to require logically; imply; presuppose: The evidence supposes his presence near the scene.
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"Supposably" is a word, but there's a 99% chance you don't know ...


Supposedly: According to what people believe or assume. Supposably: Capable of being conceived. It's helpful to use each word in a sentence to understand ...

Supposedly vs. Supposably | Dictionary.com Blog


Sep 23, 2015 ... Have you ever heard someone use the word supposably and wondered what they meant? Maybe it's a synonym for supposedly? Or a mistake?

Supposable | Definition of Supposable by Merriam-Webster


Define supposable: capable of being supposed : conceivable—usage, synonyms , more.

meaning - Difference between "supposedly" and "supposably ...


Mar 26, 2012 ... What is the difference between supposedly and supposably? Both are real words but seem to have confusingly similar definitions. Supposably: ...

Mean Ol' Schoolmarm: Supposedly vs. Supposably | The Pioneer ...


Feb 14, 2015 ... It would be so much easier if I could write that supposably wasn't a word and encourage you to erase it from your vocabulary entirely: the ...

Supposably - Grammarist


Supposably is a colloquial variant that may be considered out of place in formal writing. Of course, supposably is technically a word—an adverb derived from ...

Supposably dictionary definition | supposably defined - YourDictionary


Supposably is defined as capable of being conceived. It is used as a colloquial word and typically is not used in formal writing. An example of supposably used ...

Grammar Girl : Supposably :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™


Jan 29, 2011 ... It would be much easier if I could tell you that supposably isn't a word, but I can't. It is a word, but the problem is that supposably doesn't mean ...

Undictionary:Supposably - Uncyclopedia - Wikia


Supposably is a word in the American language that is often wrongly confused with the word...

supposably | Define supposably at Dictionary.com
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