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TOILET TRAINING, DISCIPLINE, AND SEX. Although chairs with ... Children were given suppositories, enemas, and oral purges in sickness and in health.


Later I'll discuss "discipline" that is appropriate for temper tantrums. ... to be swallowed, tablets to be chewed (several different flavors), and a rectal suppository.


Mar 31, 2014 ... SkinkSkat, a family of energy suppositories, are designed to gradually ... discipline and tailored to fit the specific metabolic demands of each.


This video, produced by Medcom, is about administering rectal suppositories.


Feb 8, 2016 ... A cannabis-based vaginal suppository is now on the market, claiming to help relieve menstrual cramps – but even if you were willing to try this ...


(Please read this document prior to the use of any suppository.) Purchase KY jelly and one box of finger cots (like a little glove for one finger) from your local drug ...


Δ9-THC Hemisuccinate in Suppository Form as an Alternative to Oral and Smoked THC ... the utility of various ester prodrugs of THC in suppository formulations as alternatives for effecting the systemic delivery of THC. .... Browse by Discipline.


Estrogen (bioidentical), Only if sold in topical or suppository form. This always requires a prescription and may only be sold in a topical or suppository form.


Sep 26, 2013 ... Minimal Dose Interferon Suppository Treatment Suppresses Viral Replication with Platelet Counts and Serum Albumin Levels Increased in ...