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With a just a land description (Township and Range), you can use this page to find ... your numbered township is not only in one of the larger counties with multiple ... east or west from the Reference Meridian and each Range is 6 miles wide. ... 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 ... The first SE means the southeast quarter of the section.


The equator and all horizontal lines north and south of it are known as parallels. ... A row of townships extending north to south is called a range and a row east to ... 1/2 mile), and the quarter-quarter or sixteenth section (40 Acres, 1/4 mile by 1/4 mile). ... Graphic land descriptions are based on the recording or filing of maps.


of Tracts of Land for Use in the Land Orders and Proclamations," designed to ..... 1 /4 sec. 10; SE 1/4 sec. 22). The 40-acre unit, resulting from the subdivision of .... then the subdivisions within each quarter section, in the order NE, then the NW, SW, ... Where townships north and south of the base line or east and west of the ...


NE/4 NE14) of Section 27, Township 1 North, Range 10 East, less and ... of the East Half of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (E12 E12 NE/4 ... Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (N12 NW/4 SW14) of Section 26, ... feet; thence S 25'31'33“ E, aiong the East line of the Chicago Rock Island ..... Page 6 ...


“The NW quarter of Section 13, township 17 North, Range 9 west of the Indian Meridian? Thank you ... Township 2 North Range 4 East, because it lies in the second ... Legal descriptions based on the Cimarron Meridian are all north ... seven, 18, 19, 30 and 31. ... 10 acres of the SW 40 acres which lies in the NW 160 acres.