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Land use change is fundamental to the operations of the biosphere ... major sustainability benefits accrue from sustainable parks and ...

Sustainable Use of Biodiversity - Convention on Biological Diversity


Sustainable Use of Biodiversity. To use biodiversity in a sustainable manner means to use natural resources at a rate that the. Earth can renew them. It's a way to ...

Sustainable use definition | Biodiversity A-Z


Oct 16, 2014 ... Sustainable use is a cornerstone of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and is enshrined in the second objective of the Convention.

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources


Our current resource use is such that future generations and developing countries access' to their fair share of scarce resources is endangered.

TERM DEFINITION Sustainable use Use or uses, which can be ...


Sustainable use. Use or uses, which can be sustained indefinitely with the resources provided. (including fiscal resources), or which can be generated by the ...

Sustainable Use of Wildlife | Pages | WWF


Sustainable Use of Wildlife. WWF works in more than 100 countries. To effectively achieve our conservation mission, we work within the legal framework and ...

Sustainable Use and Livelihoods (SULi) Specialist Group | IUCN


About SULi. The IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi) is a global expert network formed by IUCN as a joint initiative of the Species ...



Responsible use of resources forms a part of ACCIONA's environmental strategy, which is committed to process improvement leading to optimising efficiency in ...

Sustainable use - DNV GL


Use energy more effectively and efficiently for you and your stakeholders.

Sustainable use and trade | IUCN


Sustainable use and trade. As the human population grows, overexploitation of wildlife for food, shelter, medicines, fuel and more, threatens the survival of many  ...

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Sustainable Use of Biodiversity - Convention on Biological Diversity


It is therefore not surprising that sustainable use of biological diversity is one of the three objectives set out in the Convention's first article, and that Decision V/24  ...

Sustainable use of pesticides - European Commission - Europa


Oct 7, 2016 ... The EU sets rules for the sustainable use of pesticides to reduce the risks and impacts of pesticide use on people's health and the environment ...

Sustainable Resource Use :: Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland


Sustainable Resource Use. We all use a range of resources everyday from the energy we use in our homes and the food we eat to the water, products and raw ...