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Epidemiology of Alzheimer Disease


In 1998, Brookmeyer et al. estimated the age-specific incidence rates of AD based on ... and temporal lobe function, including memory storage and retrieval ( Swartz et al. ..... Di Carlo A, Baldereschi M, Amaducci L, Lepore V, Bracco L, Maggi S, ...

Vitiligo - Part 1 - NCBI - National Institutes of Health


Schallreuter et al. observed in vivo that patients with vitiligo can accumulate a concentration of .... Howitz J, Brodthagen H, Schwartz M, Thomsen K. Prevalence of vitiligo. ..... van den Wijngaard RM, Tigges BJ, Westerhof W, Ogg GS, Cerundolo V, et al. .... Picardo M, Passi S, Morrone A, Grandinetti M, Di Carlo A, Ippolito F.

Anterior Inferotemporal Neurons of Monkeys Engaged in Object ...

dicarlolab.mit.edu/sites/dicarlolab.mit.edu/files/pubs/DiCarlo_Maunsell 2003.pdf

and discussion; Sary et al. 1993; Schwartz et al. 1983; Tovée et al. 1994). Thus all of these ... so that the display subtended 17 (h) and 13 (v)° of visual angle. ... of free viewing (DiCarlo and Maunsell 2000) and of stimulus position. B. F1. F2. F3.

Electrophysiologic testing in patients with unexplained syncope ...


... study was defined as a study that demonstrated an electrophysiologic abnormality likely KROl ET AL ... more syncopal episodes than did patients with a positive study (5.2 versus 2.2, p < 0.0001). ..... LA DiCarlo, F Morady, AB Schwartz, et al.

Models of visual cortex - Scholarpedia


May 5, 2015 ... Spiking vs. non-spiking is an important characteristic that is often used to ..... In one of the models (Rust, Mante et al. .... largely feedforward (Riesenhuber & Poggio 1999; DiCarlo et al 2012). ..... Rust, N. C., O. Schwartz, et al.

Diagnostic value of programmed ventricular stimulation in patients ...


RA Freedman, CD Swerdlow, V Soderholm-Difatte, JW Mason ... MM Scheinman, RW Peters, MJ Sauve, et al. .... LA Dicarlo, F Morady, AB Schwartz, et al.

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quantitatively similar to men (Becker, 1995; Schwartz et al.,. 1995). ... higher affinity for ETA versus ETB and doses of 40 to. 100 mg kg71 ..... Dicarlo et al., 1995).

Islet vs. pancreas transplantation in Brazil: Defining criteria for ...


Jun 5, 2011 ... In 2000, Shapiro et al. presented .... to islet isolation were considered for a univariate analysis versus the yield of islet ..... Nano R, Clissi B, Melzi R, Di Carlo V, Bonifacio E,. Bertuzzi F, et al. ... Bergman RN, Schwartz MW, et al.

Schwartz et al., 2010 - University of California, San Diego


Feb 17, 2010 ... al., 2000; DeCarlo et al., 2006; Canagaratna et al., 2007). .... the V mode of HR- ToF-AMS and FTIR OM measurements, for which the AMS OM.

Published Literature on Video Directly Observed Therapy ...


Au-Yeung, K. Y., & DiCarlo, L. (2012). Cost comparison of wirelessly vs. directly observed therapy ... DeMaio, J., Schwartz, L., Cooley, P., & Tice, A. (2001). ... J. A. , Cunningham, J. R., Suleh, A. J., Sundsmo, A., Dekker, D., Vago, F., et al. (2010).

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Elevated mean arterial pressure in the ovariectomized rat was ...


BMS-182874 has a ≈#38;1000 fold higher affinity for ETA versus ETB and ..... and pulmonary hypertension (Schiffrin, 1998; Prie et al., 1997; Dicarlo et al., 1995 ) ...

Reid v. Plainsboro Partners, III - Supreme Court


Sep 16, 2010 ... Plainsboro Partners, III et al.,. : (REGULAR CALENDAR) ... Plaintiff-Appellee,. : v. : No. 09AP-456. (C.P.C. No. 05CVH05-5825). Margaret E. Swartz, ...... (C.A.6, 2008), 515 F.3d 531, 543, citing DiCarlo v. Potter (C.A.6, 2004), ...

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Barry Schwartz and Andrew Ward, Department of Psychology, Swarth- more College ... prospect theory of decision making (Beattie et al., 1994; Bell,. 1982, 1985 ...