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Profanity is socially offensive language, which may also be called bad language, strong ... The use of such language is called swearing, cursing or cussing.


Sep 27, 2016 ... Conventional wisdom tells us that, despite its many benefits, swearing isn't a good idea around children. But then, it happens, invariably and ...


What does the Bible say about profanity? ... sin cuss swear curse, sin cussing swearing cursing ... Answer: It is definitely a sin to swear (curse, cuss, etc.).


Jul 27, 2017 ... Profanity serves a physiological, emotional and social purpose — and it's ... Swearing and cursing are often used interchangeably, but there's a ...


Dec 15, 2016 ... The budding science of profanity shows just how potent it is.


May 13, 2017 ... Alan Burdick discusses the science of swearing, including the ability of curse ... A Brief History of Swearing,” has noted that cursing can be a handy rhetorical ... has also been reading about the analgesic benefits of profanity.


Sep 5, 2016 ... In therapy, I think there needs to be room for expression and sharing things. Some of those things involve the use of swear words.


Synonyms for profanity at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. ... curse. noun. hateful, swearing remark ... noun. curse.


Apr 5, 2016 ... Swearing regularly and being able to generate a long list of curse words ... No doubt, Vidal could have unleashed a string of profanities at his ...