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Nicknames or affectionate names for a sweetheart: | Dictionary of ...


Courtship, Marriage, Childbearing. Nicknames or affectionate names for a sweetheart: Response: HONEY. DARLING. DEAR. SWEETIE. BABY. SWEETHEART.

200+ Most Romantic Love Names to Call Your Loved Ones


... all those good names? When choosing a nickname for your partner, sweetheart or that special person, make sure it has some special meaning for both of you.

400+ Cute Nicknames For Your Loved Ones - Cute Pet Name


Huge list of cute nicknames for guys, names to call your girlfriend and names for pets. ... Sweetheart: Besides using sweetie, you can use sweetheart for your ...

Top ten most romantic nicknames to woo your Spanish sweetheart ...


Nov 12, 2015 ... Are you a fatty, half an orange or just somebody's darling? The Local gives you the most affectionate names to call your loved one.

100+ Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend - Eng & Other Languages


Girlfriend nicknames listed here are sweet, classic, funny & Romantic. ... your girlfriend with names like Babie, Baby Doll, Sweetie or Sweetheart sound classic.

Becoming Italian Word by Word: Words of Love in the Italian Language


Feb 13, 2013 ... In any language nicknames come in a variety of categories, including: *Sweet: " Sweetheart” translates as “innamorato/a,” which sounds too ...

Nicknames For Your Sweetheart - Armenian Forum


OK, let's get lovey dovey here. If you're in a relationship, do you have a nickname for your boy/girlfriend or do they have one for you? What is it ...

101 Fun, Romantic Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend


Jan 6, 2010 ... But having a secret, private pet name for your sweetheart really can be a ... no end of romantic nicknames that lovers have given each other.

What Do You Call Your Japanese Sweetheart? - Tofugu


Jan 12, 2010 ... Nickname, 21.9%, 21.2%, 23.0%. Given name plus san, 8.4%, 7.7%, 9.3%. Oy, Hey, Etc (don't use name), 3.7%, 3.2%, 4.3%. Family name only ...

Boyfriend / Husband Nicknames (Q-Z) : Romantic Nicknames / Pet ...


Boyfriend / Husband Nicknames (Q-Z) : Romantic Nicknames / Pet Names : Great ... i call my love jaan...and he is my jaan.sometimes i call him sweetheart n he .

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250 Romantic Nicknames For Your Loved Ones - Romance - Nigeria


Give your snookums a new romantic nickname? Below is a list of 250 of the most popular romantic nicknames! ... Sweetheart Sweetie Sweetie ...

10 German nicknames to call your sweetheart | Culture | DW.COM ...


Is 'honey' getting old? You might want to consider using some of these German terms of endearment for your sweetheart. Careful, though - not all of them sound  ...

Affectionate Cute Pet Nicknames – Artifacting


Oct 3, 2006 ... Affectionate names, boyfriend nicknames, girlfriend nicknames, and cute ..... Sweetheart and Smarties are cute for corresponding nicknames.