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Sylvia Celeste Browne was an American author who claimed to be a medium and to have psychic abilities. She appeared ...


The most extensive study of alleged psychic Sylvia Browne's predictions about missing persons and murder cases reveals a strange discrepancy: despite her...


Recently obtained FBI files shatter Sylvia Browne's insinuation that she had a ... that the only interest the agency had in Browne was investigating her for fraud.


Jun 9, 2017 ... Sylvia Browne (1936—2013) was one of the most popular, ... started a two-year exposure campaign to point out just how crap a fraud she was.


Dec 14, 2013 ... Sylvia Browne is a world renowned spiritual teacher, psychic, author, lecturer ... and grand theft, and Kensil was additionally charged with fraud.

Jan 22, 2007 ... This is a collection of two clips from the Montel Williams Show where Sylvia Browne is a regular guest. She claims to be the foremost psychic in ...


Apr 30, 2015 ... Back in 2004, Sylvia Browne told Berry's mother, Louwana Miller, that her missing teen daughter was dead. Berry, her young daughter, Gina ...


May 9, 2013 ... Sylvia Browne claims to be a psychic, but she has been convicted of fraud in the past and has failed all scientific tests of her ability. In addition ...


Nov 21, 2013 ... When celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne died Nov.... ... Sylvia Browne: Dead Psychic's Legacy Riddled With Failed Predictions, Fraud. By David ...


Nov 20, 2013 ... Renowned psychic and bestselling author Sylvia Browne died Wednesday in a northern California hospital, her website said.