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Fire (classical element)


Fire is one of the four classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science. .... Freemasonry takes the ancient symbolic meaning of fire and recognizes its ...



Fire consumes, warms, and illuminates, but can also bring pain and death; thus, its symbolic meaning varies wildly, depending upon the context of its use.

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Light your creative flame with fire symbols and meanings found here. Includes links to other symbolic fire pages on this site.

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Fire has had a very significant role in humanity's development. Its varied uses show the importance of fire for humankind. Some of those uses have been: ...

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Water moving down finds symbolism in rivers which represent the linear flow of ... Similar to the element of fire which they represent, deserts have tradionally ...

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Traditionally, fire represents the active and masculine or the Yang in Chinese culture. It is most closely related to the sun and the powers of change and ...

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Fire represents many things to many people and cultures. It is recognized as a purifier, a destroyer and as the generative power of life, energy and change.

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Fire Definition and meaning from Bible Dictionary. FIRE fir ('esh; pur): These are the common words for fire, occurring very frequently.

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The meaning of the Element of Fire in relation to these ... Foiros represents the part of the Fire that stands for ...

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Fire's symbolic meaning varies in different cultures, but it is often linked to destruction and fear. Because of fire's seemingly magical qualities, it has captivated ...

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Q: What is the symbolic meaning of fire.
A: It depends on the text you're refering to. Read More »
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Q: What are symbolic meanings of FIRE?
A: Transformation, change, passion, anger, warmth, love. Read More »
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Q: What are some various symbolic meanings of fire?
A: In Hinduism fire is the colour of Orange hence the colour worn by Sadhus and Swami's ; it represents the death of the ego or burning up of attachments. In Addit... Read More »
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Q: Is there a symbolic meaning between fire and glass?
A: in the dull technical version of the same issue. Even I hope to better it for you by a musical envisioning by suggesting to you a further gain of inspiration fr... Read More »
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Q: What symbolic meaning does the fire have in the book the lord of ...
A: The fire in Lord of the Flies symbolizes hope for the marooned boys. Without the fire, no one will know they are on the deserted island. This is why Ralph is de... Read More »
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