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The handkerchief code is a color-coded system, employed usually among the gay male ... Bandanas might be worn in the front or back pocket, tied around the neck (with the knot positioned on either th...

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Historically, a bandana placed in a back pocket indicated that the wearer was gay, or what is now called a member of the GLBTQ community. The bandana code ...

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I once watched a mechanic walking around with a red hanky sticking out of his right back pocket. I decided not to tell him the secret meaning.

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This month's article is about signs and symbols used within the gay, leather and BDSM ... Nowadays, the hanky is neatly folded and stuck in the back pocket.

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There is a meaning for what side of the the body you wear it on, it means if you ... If you have a flag (bandana) hanging out of your back pocket then yeah that will ...

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I used to wear a black bandana out of the back pocket of my jeans, but about ... In the gay world bandannas hold different meaning esp. with the ...

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Socks (Color, Symbol). Bandana (Color, hanging out of pocket). Eyebrows, Hair ( Shaved, Razor cuts). Color of Clothing (Dominant color, excessive color).

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For example, a person flagging a red bandana in the left back pocket indicates that they are a fisting top – red signifies fisting – meaning that they will perform ...

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There's a guy who works in the building, and he's always got a red handkerchief in his left back pocket. There would be nothing at all unusual ...

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Oct 21, 2014 ... This got Monique thinking about the actual meaning of handkerchief in .... grown man had a huge white handkerchief kept in the back pocket.