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Here's What Really Happens If You Leave a Tampon in for Too Long


Jan 20, 2016 ... Here's What Really Happens If You Leave a Tampon in for Too Long ... The long and short of it: Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is extremely rare. ... In either case, you'll want to keep an eye out for the flu-like symptoms of TSS, ...

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) - HealthDay


Some symptoms of toxic shock syndrome, like a high fever and a sore throat, are so ... Other experts believe that if tampons that are left in for a long time become a ... toxic shock syndrome after leaving a diaphragm or a cervical cap in too long.

A forgotten tampon? Understand everything about A forgotten ...


Check your symptoms now › ... What are symptoms of a forgotten tampon? ... When a foreign object remains in the vagina too long, it can cause an infection of  ...

Will I Really Get Toxic Shock Syndrome If I Leave a Tampon In Too ...


Jul 13, 2016 ... Will I Really Get Toxic Shock Syndrome If I Leave a Tampon In Too Long? An ob- gyn ... The first symptoms closely resemble the flu. From there ...

What happens if I leave a tampon in for way too long? - HelloFlo


Feb 19, 2015 ... Are there any symptoms of anything that I need to look out for now? ... Often a tampon that has been in far too long is turned sideways and ...

What happens if you leave your tampon in for too long? | Dolly


Nov 27, 2016 ... This is what will happen to you if you leave your tampon in for too long, or don't ... Get to a doctor ASAP if you see any of these symptoms.

6 Myths About Toxic Shock Syndrome - Bustle


Feb 25, 2016 ... If you leave in a tampon for too long, you'll definitely get TSS. ... lady-parts, but actually the symptoms of TSS are more akin to having the flu.

This Girl Left Her Tampon in For 9 Days and Almost Died | Teen Vogue


Feb 25, 2016 ... A Girl Left Her Tampon in For 9 Days and This Is What Happened ... escaped death after developing an infection from a tampon left in too long. ... actually symptoms of something much worse: toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

What Every Woman Should Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome ...


Nov 19, 2015 ... For starters, it's not just tampon users who can be affected. ... aches, low blood pressure, headaches—these are all symptoms of toxic shock. ... have forgotten to remove their tampons for as long as a week or two, and they ...

Lost Tampon: Symptoms of a lost tampon and how to remove


Symptoms of a lost tampon and tips for removing it. ... Hopefully, you will notice that a tampon has gotten lost before you experience too many of these symptoms . If a tampon is not removed, it can ... Sign in to leave a comment! Username: *.