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Hypercalcemia Symptoms
If you have mild hypercalcemia, you might not have any symptoms. If you have a more serious case, you might have symptoms that affect various parts of your body. These various body organs and tissues involved are: Kidney problems can lead to: excessiv... More »
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Symptoms of Too Much Calcium
Calcium plays an important role in several bodily functions, making symptoms of hypercalcaemia, or too much calcium in the body, difficult to detect. Symptoms are often misdiagnosed as features of other conditions.... More »
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Feb 18, 2016 ... Hypercalcemia is a condition in which you have too much calcium in your blood.


May 27, 2014 ... But too much of a good thing can negate any health benefits — and even pose ... Excess calcium can also cause muscle pain, mood disorders, ...


Jul 7, 2017 ... Excess calcium in your blood means your kidneys have to work harder to filter it. This can cause excessive thirst and frequent urination.


Aug 5, 2016 ... Not all calcium supplements are the same, and taking too many ... there are other factors that will affect how much of the calcium you will ...


Apr 13, 2017 ... High Blood Calcium: Hypercalcemia (too much calcium in the blood) ... Parathyroid disease is the cause of high calcium at least 99.5% of the ...


If you're taking 4,000 mg of calcium per day, you're taking much too much, and I ... Because high protein diets also cause bones to lose calcium, keep your daily ...


Dec 5, 2014 ... Firstly, the symptoms that your mother may have experienced as a result of having too much calcium in her bloodstream include – tiredness, ...


Jun 15, 2010 ... The Dangers of Too Much Calcium ... But did you know that you can take too much calcium (Ca2+) which can cause serious medical disorders?