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However, it's critical to understand the signs and symptoms of a shunt failure or the closure of an ETV. Seeing your physician or visiting the Emergency ...

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Hydrocephalus can be treated with a shunt system, and this treatment often includes ... The most common shunt complications are malfunction and infection. ... People with ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunts are at risk of developing a shunt infection ... medical attention to avoid life-threatening illness or possible brain damage.

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Jul 30, 2005 ... Does anyone know the symptoms of a blocked shunt and when to seek emergency care. ... Signs of a malfunctioning shunt-fever, vomiting, headache, lethargy, ... shunt tract, abdominal pain with VP shunts, loss of previous abilities such ... of a shunt malfunction seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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In-depth look at shunt malfunctions and complications. Includes symptoms, diagnosis, effects, etc.

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Warning signs of a shunt malfunction include fever, irritability, headaches, a change in personality ... What are the symptoms of a possible VP shunt malfunction?

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Since the 1960s the standard treatment of hydrocephalus has been the insertion of a ... Most neurosurgeons have used ventriculo-peritoneal (VP) shunts mainly ..... They should be made aware of the possible problems of inadvertent valve ...

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Aims: To evaluate the predictive value of symptoms, signs, and radiographic ... Thirty seven had operatively proven shunt malfunction, of whom 34 had shunt block ... admission referred with possible VP shunt malfunction over the study period ...

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LATER. Distended scalp veins; High-pitched cry; Increased muscle tone. Enlarged and bulging fontanel; "Sunset Eyes" (downward gaze) ...

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On the other hand shunt malfunction due to mechanical valves occlusion is ... In most cases the diagnosis of a distal obstruction is possible only at surgery. .... main manifestations of long-term V-P shunt infections; fever can be absent or mild, ...

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Information on warning signs of a shunt malfunction, provided by Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. ... Find Another Condition or Treatment ...