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Apr 14, 2016 ... Thyroid disease is a common problem that can cause symptoms because of over -or under-function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is an ...

Thyroid Symptoms Pictures: Fatigue, Weight Gain, Hair Loss, & More


Apr 18, 2016 ... We look at hidden thyroid disorders, from symptoms to treatments, with pictures and illustrations.

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Depending on how much or how little hormone your thyroid makes, you may often feel restless or tired, or you may lose or gain weight. Women are more likely  ...

Symptoms and causes - Hypothyroidism - Mayo Clinic


Nov 10, 2015 ... The signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism vary, depending on the severity of the hormone deficiency. But in general, any problems you have ...

Hypothyroidism: Symptoms and Treatments of Hypothyroid Disease ...


Apr 11, 2016 ... Thorough overview includes symptoms, dangers, diagnosis, and treatment of hypothyroidism. Written by doctors for patients.

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Aug 11, 2016 ... Undiagnosed thyroid problems can increase your risk of obesity, heart disease, infertility, and a host of other symptoms and health problems.

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Nov 10, 2014 ... Read about the symptoms of thyroid problems such as constipation, insomnia, tremors, frequent bowel movements, excessive sweating, joint ...

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Thyroid problems affect approximately nine percent of the population. Learn about the symptoms of thyroid problems and find out when to talk to your doctor.

Thyroid Disease: Know the Facts - Thyroid Foundation of Canada


Thyroid disorders for the most part are treatable; however, untreated thyroid disease ... Signs and symptoms of hypothyroid and hyperthyroid conditions include: ...

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Do you know just how important the thyroid is? It helps you grow and affects your energy level. With a little care, the thyroid and the conditions it may cause can ...

Symptoms associated with thryoid disease will depend on the specifc condition. Common symptoms include changes in cognitive function, menstrual abnormalities, aches, weight change, cardiac changes and sensitivity to temperature.
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A thyroid disorder epidemic? ... Women are as much as 10 times as likely as men to have a thyroid problem, says integrative medicine specialist Robin Miller, ...

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Sep 11, 2014 ... Many symptoms of thyroid imbalance are vague and most doctors spend only a few minutes talking with patients to sort out the cause of their ...

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Four common thyroid disorders include Hashimoto's disease, Graves' disease, goiter, and thyroid disorders. Learn about their symptoms, diagnosis, and ...