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Kittens with worms may have diarrhea, slow weight gain and a potbelly. Infected adult cats may have dark tarry stools, vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss. However, both are just as likely to have no signs of infection.

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It's more common for cats to get worms than most people realize - regardless of whether they live indoors or outdoors. Knowing the telltale symptoms of worm ...

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WebMD discusses worms, or intestinal parasites, in cats and includes common worms, symptoms, treatment, and prevention options.

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Untreated, worms can cause symptoms such as a dull coat or a potbelly, but it is rare they make a cat seriously unwell. Getting rid of worms is relatively easy with  ...

Roundworms | Pets & Parasites: The Pet Owner's Parasite Resource

Roundworms are the most common of the parasitic worms found inside a cat (or dog). ... and nine weeks of age and then receive a preventive treatment monthly.

How Do I Know If My Cat Has Worms? - Petful

Apr 24, 2014 ... If you suspect that your cat may be infected by worms of some sort, ... If your cat has symptoms of worms, you'll need to take her to the vet to ...

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Treating worms in dogs and cats can be done at home using deworming medication such as Drontal, Drontal Plus, Dog Worms 3, and more. Many heartworm ...

Intestinal Parasites In Your Cat And What To Do About Them

The great majority of cats obtain hookworms through ingesting ... older cats show only mild, nondescript symptoms of mild anemia, ...

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Cats of any age are susceptible to parasites, such as worms, fleas, mites, and ticks. Learn about symptoms and how to treat your cat for harmful parasites.

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Tapeworm infection can affect cats (as well as many other mammals), typically ... Treatment to destroy tapeworms is a critical step in preventing transmission to ...

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Q: What are the symptoms of worms in cats?
A: There are many types of symptoms for worms for cats. And here are the Symptoms your cat may have. Vomiting, Diarrhea, weight Loss , and a Dry or dull coat. The ... Read More »
Q: Is bloating a symptom of worms in cats?
A: Cats who are infected with worms often have stool problems. Worms can result i... Read More »
Q: What Are Symptoms Of Worms In Cats?
A: Many times there are no overt signs of intestinal parasites, which is why a fecal screening is often done at yearly examinations--especially on indoor/outdoor c... Read More »
Q: What are the Symptoms of Worms in Cats?
A: Symptoms of cat worms may vary with the type of worm infestation. The common types include roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, heartworms and stomach worms. Accor... Read More »
A: almost all cats and dogs are born with worms....if your cats has fleas or has ever had fleas...or even spent time outside it has worms...and there are several t... Read More »