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In algebra, synthetic division is a method of performing Euclidean division of polynomials, with less writing and fewer calculations than occur with polynomial ...


Synthetic division is a shorthand, or shortcut, method of polynomial division in the special case of dividing by a linear factor -- and it only works in this case.


Sal shows how synthetic division of polynomials works.


I'm trying to find a video of yours to help me figure out how to do these math problems that involve synthetic division but they also factoring. She told us, " use  ...


In order to divide polynomials using synthetic division, you must be dividing by a linear expression and the leading coefficient (first number) must be a 1.


Calculator will divide a polynomial by a binomial using synthetic divsion with steps shown.

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Synthetic division is a shortcut method for dividing two polynomials which can be used in place of the standard long division algorithm. This method reduces the ...

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Aug 21, 2013 ... MIT grad shows how to do Synthetic Division. More videos with Nancy coming in 2017! Synthetic Division is a way to divide one polynomial by ...