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Dean Hamer (/ˈheɪmər/; born 1951) is an American geneticist, author, and .... Kenna GA, Roder-Hanna N, Leggio L, Zywiak WH, Clifford J, Edwards S et al.

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... M., Dickinson, M., Pettini, M., & Kellogg, M. 1998, ApJ, 505, 18; Akerlof, C., et al. .... M., Illingworth, G. D., Kelson, D. D., van Dokkum, P. G., & Tran, K.-V. 1997, ApJ , ... F., & Ferland, G. 1999, ARA&A, in press, astro-ph/9904223; Hammer, F., et al. ... 11; Kunth, D., Terlevich, E., Terlevich, R., & Tenorio...

A controlled trial of two nucleoside analogues plus indinavir in ...


Hammer SM(1), Squires KE, Hughes MD, Grimes JM, Demeter LM, Currier JS ... or protease inhibitors were stratified according to CD4 cell count (50 or fewer vs.

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The most important paper that reported the 'gay gene' was from Hamer et al., a team of geneticists working for the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Dr. Dean ...

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Tagle, Adrian v. The State of ... Rio Grande Valley Gas Co., et al. v. City of Pharr ...... Eric G. v. Hammer, Robert--Appeal from 156th District Court of Bee County

ATR acts stage specifically to regulate multiple aspects of ...


2004) and Ser1981-phosphorylated ATM (Hamer et al. ... This was associated with meiotic germ cell loss between stages III and V, corresponding to mid- pachytene. ..... Eckhaus M, Collins F, Shiloh Y, Crawley JN, Ried T, Tagle D, et al. 1996.

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Nulman, Rovet, Altmann et al (1994), 23, 23, 3, n.s. .10 .38 ... Carzoli RP, Murphy SP, Hammer Knisely J, Houy J. Evaluation of auditory brain-stem ... Delaney Black V, Covington C, Ostrea E, Jr., Romero A, Baker D, Tagle MT, Nordstrom Klee ...

Biobehavioral Outcomes in Adolescents and Young Adults ...


Arendt, R.E., Short, E.J., Singer, L.T., Minnes, S., Hewitt, J., Flynn, S., et al. (2004). Children prenatally exposed to cocaine: Developmental outcomes and ...

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Aug 1, 2005 ... Atm<sup>-/-</sup> mice (Barlow et al., 1996) were obtained from Jackson ..... form of ATM localizes to the sex body in wild-type spermatocytes (Hamer et al., 2004). ..... spermatids in comparison with the wild-type control (fewer than 15 vs more than 100 .... M., Collins, F., Shiloh, Y., Crawley, J. N., Ried, T., Tagle, D. et al.

The Role of Starbursts in the Star Formation History of the Universe


Some of the most relevant of these lines in starbursts are: 5 v,)d502, ... The compact knots provide about 25% of the total UV emission (Meurer et al. ... properties of the Lyo~ line are linked to the evolutionary state of the starburst ( Tenorio-Tagle et al. ..... 1996, ApJ, 112, 1335 Starburst Galaxies 217 Discussion Hammer: You ...

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Obs. 4, 23; Kniazev A. Yu., et al. ... Einasto J., Freudling W., Fricke K., Lipovetsky V., Pustilnik S., Izotov Y. Richter G., 1996, A&A 314, ... 120'' Eds. Tenorio-Tagle G. , Moles M., Melnick J., Lecture Notes in Physics (Springer), Vol. .... 201; Schade D ., Lilly S.J., Crampton D., Hammer F., Le Fèvre O., Tresse L., 1995, ...