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It's because i went to GNC and got these pills that are called "Niacin". I think they' re diet pills but i would take 2 pills 2 days before my drug test ...

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Can Taking Niacin Can Help You Pass a Drug Test? Answer: false niacin result. Niacin Simply Doesn't Work for Passing Drug Tests Quickly. Keep in mind that if ...

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Many drug users report successfully passing an EMIT test after taking zinc sulfate . ... Niacin, or vitamin B3, in the hopes that it will help them pass their drug test.

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Jul 2, 2009 ... I would say go ahead take the niacin you just have to know how to use it... 2-3 days before the test 1500 mg a day and bamn make sure you ...

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He said he took 4 of them the day before a urine test and passed. ... actually be working against yourself by taking niacin before a drug test. ... My results showed that when I took niacin it tripled the time for me to pass a UA.

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Jan 9, 2014 ... Niacin Drug Test - Niacin Flush Drug Test. ... 500mg sustained release Niacin. Idk how many to take per day though?? ... Does doing these things eliminate most of the thc or is it just enough to pass the drug test?. Read more ...

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Niacin. Niacin, or vitamin B3, is sold as a weight-loss pill and is available over the counter at many supplement stores. Simply take two ...

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yelp depending on how much you smoke it will feel like youre on fire when you take it. you need to take it everyday to keep your system cleaned out though. is it  ...

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Sep 28, 2010 ... Flushing THC out of your system with Niacin Drug testing discussion. ... First of all Swim does NOT recommend anyone take more than the ... 1) First, users must decide what is more important, passing a drug test, or possibly ...

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Niacin Drug Test Information ... How does this help me pass a drug test? Niacin ... Within this 24 hours, you CAN NOT take anymore drugs, or you still risk failing.

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Q: How to take niacin and pass drug test help!
A: Unless you have high cholesterol or triglycerides, taking niacin will do you more harm than good. It will have no effect on your ability to pass a drug test, an... Read More »
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Q: Can taking niacin help you pass a drug test?
A: A lot of the more sophisticated drug tests, such as those used in legal matters by the court or probation, can detect common compounds used to flush a person's ... Read More »
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Q: Does taking niacin pills help pass a drug test?
A: Most drug tests will also test for Niacin and other forms of clearing Read More »
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Q: Has anyone heard of taking Slo Niacin to pass a drug test?
A: Yes I have heard of that and yes it does help Niacin is essentially b12 vitamin which increases circulation and does help your body remove toxins at a much fast... Read More »
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Q: How many milligrams of niacin to take to pass drug test?
A: Over 1000mg and give yourself about 3-4 days and drink about 3-6 gallons of water, then you might. I've done this numerous times, always takes at least 2 days n... Read More »
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