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Taking a shower or bathing regularly is an important part of cleanliness in many civilized cultures. People often start to smell bad after they do not shower for a day or more. It ...

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Jun 15, 2007 ... Take a shower and take a bath is the same thing? thanks.

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How to Take a Shower. Showering is an activity that millions of people make a part of their daily routine. It's a fast, effective and refreshing way to get clean.

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shower meaning, definition, what is shower: a device that releases drops of water through a lot of very small ... B2 [I] to take a shower: I shower every ​morning.

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great question! shower is one of those words that can be used as either a noun or a verb. It is correct to say either, "I will take a shower now?

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I′m going to have a shower. (UK, Australia): I′m going to take a shower. ( especially US). A quantity of something that has characteristics of a rain shower.

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Water Management sells shower heads, faucets, sink strainers and accessories for low and high pressure water systems enabling you to dramatically reduce ...

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May 30, 2007 ... I thought 'Take a shower/bath' was American English, and 'Have a shower/bath' was British English, although the former is creeping into BrE.

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... have a shower (especially North American English) to take a shower shower gel ... showers We were caught in a heavy shower. snow showers wintry showers  ...

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Sorry, I take a shower every morning. Every singular countable common noun requires a determiner-- an article (a/the shower), and demonstrative (this/that ...

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