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Jun 14, 2017 ... So you've decided you want to raise a Siamese fighting fish. ... Start by feeding them just a pinch at a time, adding more if two minutes have not ...


Bettas, also known as "Siamese fighting fish", are popular pets recognized for ... Your betta's diet should consist of pellets specifically made for feeding betta, ...


Feb 16, 2016 ... Tank size. Tanks for housing Siamese fighting fish should be at least 15 litres in volume, with an optimal size of 20 litres or greater. Small tanks ...

Mar 1, 2014 ... If your betta fish is rounded or very fat all around, your over feeding! .... fish, doesn't mean you know how to care for Siamese fighting fish, even ...


They have been referred to as Siamese fighting fish due to the male betta's extreme ... require a smaller pellet or finely crushed flake food when when feeding.


Feb 17, 2012 ... Betta or more commonly known as fighting fish is very easy to care ... Once or twice a day feeding is recommended to keep your betta healthy.


Japanese fighting fish, also called Siamese fighting fish or betta fish, are beautiful ... fish have small appetites, so drop in just three to six pellets per feeding.


Jun 22, 2013 ... Also known as the Siamese fighting fish, it originated in Thailand, Vietnam ... betta enough to eat for approximately a 2-minute feeding duration.


This one page betta fish care sheet is packed with easy to digest information on all aspects of betta fish care. From tank size to ... They are called 'Siamese fighting fish' for a reason. Do. Do Not ... I have been feeding Goliath everyday. Reply.