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Golden hamster


The golden hamster, or Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) is a member of the subfamily ... The size of adult animals ranges from 5 to 7 in (13 to 18 cm) long, with a ... can produce large litters...

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The average lifespan for a teddy bear hamster is two to three years. ... hamsters require an aquarium of at least 10-gallon capacity or a similarly sized wire cage.

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Nov 26, 2015 ... Check out these other historical facts about the Teddy Bear hamster which is actually a ... brown rice all make excellent supplements to your hamster's regular diet. .... Turtles come in all shapes and sizes, with different living ...

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The teddy bear hamster have an average life span of 2 to 2 half years. Their average adult body size is roughly about 5-6 inches long when matured.

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Jun 10, 2014 ... Hamsters have stout bodies with short tails and small furry ears. ... With 24 species of hamsters, these animals come in a wide range of sizes. ... pet hamster, the Syrian hamster, also known as the teddy bear hamster or golden ...

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syrian teddy bear hamster. ... Due to the length of time that the Syrian has been a popular pet, it has ... This is normal and should not be cause for alarm. On rare ...

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Oct 21, 2009 ... Price: $35 and above for an adequately sized cage for hamsters. ... most common type of hamster; also known as golden or teddy bear hamsters). ... Regular cage cleaning is important for any type of housing, but it's especially ...

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A longhaired Syrian hamster is sometimes called a teddy bear. ... traveling with hamsters and normal hamster behavior are just some of the hamster information  ...

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Female Teddy Bear hamsters are on average slightly larger ... but due to commercial breeding they are roughly the same size as the ...

5 Most Popular Hamster Breeds: Which is Right for Me?


Syrian hamsters, also known as Goldens or Teddy Bear hamsters, are the ... Dwarf Campbell Russians are very small, reaching a maximum size of only 4" as ... The average life span of a Dwarf Winter White Russian hamster is about 2 years.

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Adult teddy bear hamsters are usually 4 to 5 inches long. They are about the size of a mouse, without the long tail. Female hamsters are generally larger and ...

Syrian Hamster Guide - Detailed Info + Care & Feeding


All about the Syrian hamster (a.k.a golden / teddy bear hamster), how to take care ... The Syrian hammy is one of the largest hamsters with an average length of ...

Syrian Hamsters (Golden, Teddy Bear, Fancy, Black Bear, Panda ...


Syrian Hamsters(Golden, Teddy Bear, Fancy, Black Bear, Panda Bear). Genus Cricetulus. LIFE SPAN: 2-4 years. AVERAGE SIZE: 3-4 inches. CAGE TEMPS: ...