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Pogonomyrmex barbatus is a species of harvester ant from the genus Pogonomyrmex. .... Within nonreproductive P. barbatus worker ants, five major tasks are ...

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There are hundreds of different 'harvester ant' species found world wide. ... In some areas harvester ants are being invaded by Argentine ants, as a result the ...

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Harvester Ant: Facts, Identification & Control ... of harvester ants—the red, western and California harvester ants—each have unique behaviors, castes and tasks, ...

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Tschinkel went on to say that for unknown reasons, Florida harvester ants, “ abandon their lovely nests about once a year and dig new ones,” moving only two to ...

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Most commonly, the residents in an ant farm are harvester ants. No matter which species ends up in your ant farm, though, you may want to know more about ...

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Learn how harvester ants live, eat, move, survive, and protect their colonies. ... In the world of harvester ants there are some twenty-six different species; ..... most amazing about the red harvester ant colony is the fact that literally thousands and  ...

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Learn more about the Red harvester ant - with amazing Red harvester ant videos , photos and facts on ARKive.

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Red harvester ant nest blocked with stones by night ants and cleared by red harvester ... Information on the red harvester ant is currently being researched and ...

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A harvester ant, which may belong to any of several black to reddish-brown harvester ant ... In some puzzling way, all the colonies know the appointed moment.

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Adult -- The harvester ants are large ants 5 to 6 mm in length and different species can vary in color from reddish-brown to yellow or black. The pedicel (or stalk) ...