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How to talk to your child about sex (age 5) | BabyCenter


Take advantage of questions that come up when you're both at ease — in the family room while .... How to tell your child you're getting divorced (ages 5 to 8).

Ask Dr. Sears: "Mommy, Where Do Babies Come From?" | Parenting


Q I'm the mother of a 5-year-old girl and I'm pregnant with our second child. My daughter keeps asking me questions like "Where does the baby come out of you ? ... Tell your daughter that her sibling-to-be is growing in your womb (not your ...

How to Answer Where Do Babies Come From (with Pictures)


How to Answer Where Do Babies Come From. It's natural for ... If your child is old enough to ask, they're old enough to have an answer. Image ... Tell the truth.

What To Say If your Child Asks Where Do Babies Come From?


If your toddler asks how the new baby got in mommy's tummy, “You ... Don't assume what the child wants to know. ... Tell them babies come from the hospital.

'where do babies come from' chat with a 7 year old - Kinsights.com


how to explain where babies come from?! - Netmums


I dont know how to tell her in an age appropri. ... She's a really intelligent kid but can be very immature and childish compared to her friends. ... Funnily enough, I had the 'where do babies come from' talk with my dd just a ...

6 year old asking where babies come from!! - Netmums


... asking more and more about where babies come from - specifically how they're born, ... I think children trust their parents more than books. ... Don't beat around the bush, just tell him, but don't fudge it either, who has which ...

Top 9 Worst Ways to Explain To Your Kids Where Babies Come From


Sep 14, 2012 ... Top 9 Worst Ways to Explain To Your Kids Where Babies Come From ... Tell them that new babies arrive when another baby gets wet after ...

Where do babies come from? - Health


Feb 2, 2016 ... 5 Tips for Telling Children about Pregnancy and Birth. Share; Pin ... "My 5 year old daughter asked me where babies come from and I panicked.

How to Talk to Your Preschooler About Sex - Parents


This way, your child will be more likely to come to you later in life when sex ... a baby, says Stanton L. Jones, PhD, coauthor of How and When to Tell Your Kids ...

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How to talk to your preschooler about how babies are made ...


Find out how to explain to your preschooler where babies come from and get a list ... For example, telling a child that the baby grows inside the mother's tummy ...

Where Do Babies Come From? « TheMotherCompany ...


Apr 21, 2011 ... It's certainly fine to share with your child that babies always come about ... DO NOT tell your child this if she/he is under 11 or if you think your ...

Questions and Answers About Sex - KidsHealth


Answering kids' questions about sex is a responsibility many parents dread. But by ... What do you tell a very young child who asks where babies come from?