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Tension (music)


In music, tension is the anticipation music creates in a listener's mind for relaxation or release. For example, tension may be produced through reiteration,  ...

Surface Tension (Water Properties), USGS Water Science School


May 2, 2016 ... Surface Tension and Water, from the USGS Water Science School.

Surface Tension - HyperPhysics


The cohesive forces between liquid molecules are responsible for the phenomenon known as surface tension. The molecules at the surface do not have other ...

How to Create Tension in a Story | Now Novel


In novels tension keeps readers turning pages. Up the tension to maintain reader interest. Read how to create tension in a story.

10 facts that tell you how to use tension in your story


May 20, 2014 ... One popular theory is that tension is created by dread of an event. For example a scene in which a detective sneaks around a house is tense ...

How To Create Visual Tension in Your Designs - Vanseo Design


Jan 10, 2012 ... tension (n). physical or mental strain or stress; a force created through stretching or pulling; the interplay of conflicting elements; a situation or ...

Lesson11.html - Songwriting Tutorial - Tension and Release


Similar tension is created when the second degree of the scale is present and also the fourth and the sixth. It depends on how each of these is used, but there ...

Surface Tension


Surface tension is measured as the energy required to increase the surface area of a liquid by a unit of area. The surface tension of a liquid results from an ...

3 Ways to Use Setting & Atmosphere to Create Narrative Tension


Apr 21, 2011 ... Skillfully written atmospheric detail creates tension and drama. ... Atmospheric tension can also be created by placing characters in an ...

What causes surface tension in water? | Reference.com


When water falls through the air in small amounts, instead of falling in a stream, the water tends to form spherical droplets due to the surface tension created by ...

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Elements of Drama: Tension | The Drama Teacher


Apr 2, 2009 ... As the audience anticipates certain outcomes in the plot, the tension builds. ... and silence in the drama; tension can be created by the unknown ...

What is tension in music, and how do you teach it? - Quora


Quora User has pointed out some of the high-level ways to achieve tension in music—the "strategy" of musical tension, if you will. I'll discuss three lower-level ...

Allowing the Tension of Creation | CalmDownMind.com


Mar 20, 2012 ... It's easy to confuse the tension required for creation with the stress of resistance – the former is a natural movement whereas the latter is a ...