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Tent caterpillar


Tent caterpillars are moderately sized caterpillars, or moth larvae, belonging to the genus Malacosoma in the family Lasiocampidae. Twenty-six species have ...

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Apr 1, 2015 ... Tent worms are more of an eyesore or slight nuisance rather than an actual threat . However, getting rid of tent caterpillars is occasionally ...

Eastern Tent Caterpillar | Entomology


The eastern tent caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum, is a pest native to North America. Populations fluctuate from year to year, with outbreaks occurring every ...

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Forest Tent Caterpillar. (Malacosoma disstria. Hübner) is a native insect. • Found in hardwood forests throughout North America. • Abundant in eastern North.

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May 25, 2013 ... The method to get rid of tent caterpillars that works the best for us is simply vegetable oil. I save used vegetable oil from our deep fryer and pour ...

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The western tent caterpillar is found throughout the western United States and Canada. The species found in the East is the common eastern tent caterpillar, ...

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I have eastern tent caterpillars in my trees. Will they kill my trees? How do I get rid of them?

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How to Get Rid of Tent Worms. Tent worms are those little fuzzy catterpillers that turn trees into fuzzy nests. You will often see trees covered in a white threadlike ...

Eastern tent caterpillar moth


Eastern Tent Caterpillars use the tent for protection. They leave the tent during the day to feed and return to it at night. As the caterpillars eat and grow larger, the  ...

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Jun 8, 2014 ... Tent caterpillars are a very active pest from year to year. They have ferocious appetites and will eat most any plant they find. Their nests are ...

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The larvae of several moth and butterfly species (listed below) are collectively referred to as tent caterpillars. Distributed throughout much of the United States ...

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Tent caterpillars live in groups within a silken tent. The silk is produced by glands in the head and the tent provides protection from many natural enemies.

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Tent Caterpillars. It's that time of year again: Yes, we're facing the return of the Western tent caterpillars. Their unsightly nests clutter trees and shrubs, providing  ...