Did you mean: Terry Burke, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Bernice Hermsen, and in his capacity as previous attorney in fact for Berniece Hermsen?
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Ethics Opinion 259: Conflict Issues in Representation Involving Estates


The lawyer may not, therefore, bring an action adverse to the personal representative or conservator without his or her consent. Applicable Rules. Rule 1.7 (Conflict of Interest: General Rule); Rule 1 .9 (Conflict of Interest: Former Client) ... we take the facts, though, X is no longer a conservator of the estate, and the inquirer is ...

Section: 473.0153 Compensation of personal representatives ...


Probate Code--Administration of Decedents' Estates ... Compensation of personal representatives, accountants and attorneys. 473.153. 1. If a testator by will makes provision for the compensation of his personal representative, that ... or professional corporation serves as the attorney for the estate, only one fee as set forth in ...

Personal Representative For a Small Estate - Montana State University

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Jun 10, 2010 ... Have priority to be personal representative (read pages 5 and 6); ... lawyer. Talk to a lawyer if you have any questions. Print the forms in this packet ... Use an Affidavit to Get Personal Property from an Estate” instead, because ... where someone and his or her spouse or child died close in time to each other.

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Part 7 Duties and Powers of Personal Representatives - Utah State ...


The duties and powers of a personal representative commence upon his appointment. The powers of ... A personal representative may ratify and accept acts on behalf of the estate done by others where the acts .... Any sale or encumbrance to the personal representative, his spouse, agent, or attorney, or any ... The fact that.

CA Codes (prob:10950-10954)


The personal representative shall file a final account and petition for an order for final ... (1) "Incapacitated" means lack of capacity to serve as personal representative. ... or absconding personal representative or attorney of record in the estate ... (7) If the person entitled to distribution has designated an attorney i...