Did you mean: Terry Burke, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Bernice Hermsen, and in his capacity as previous attorney in fact for Berniece Hermsen?
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Attorney-In-Fact - Legal Dictionary | Law.com


In a "general power of attorney" the attorney-in-fact can conduct all business or ... along with the real estate deed, deed of trust, mortgage, or other document.

Harrington v. Lord - State of Maine Judicial Branch - Maine.gov


[¶3] Lord argues that his attorney fees are ultimately a distribution of an asset under ... [¶5] The personal representative of an estate often employs an attorney to assist .... assist Harrington in his capacity as personal representative of the Hines' Estate. ... A fee is excessive when, after a review of the facts, a lawyer of o...

Estate of Steven L. Lake - State of Maine Judicial Branch


Apr 28, 2016 ... Estate of Steven L. Lake (the Estate) as a result of his failure to ... Bradford, J.) awarded attorney fees to Ralph Bagley on the basis of Bagley's ... father of Amy Lake and a personal representative of the Estate of Amy Lake, filed ... the facts that give rise to the motion or shall be accompanied by a supporting...

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You Do Not Represent the Estate - Lawyers Professional ...


Sep 7, 2009 ... that, in fact, they are not representing the actual estate but are ... an heir of the estate, in representing a personal representative in his or her fiduciary capacities, the attorney must be clear about the scope of representation.

Payment of Compensation to the Personal Representative of a ...


Payment of Compensation to Personal Representative in a Washington Probate. ... PROBATE than the fees of the Personal Representative and his/her attorney, for example: ... Estate Value, PR's Fee, Atty's Fee, Total Fees, % of Estate ... The intent of the legislature is manifest to depart from the former fixed and arbitrary ....