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There are three classes of meteorites: stony, iron, and stony-iron. A meteorite is heavier than an ordinary rock and will be attracted to a magnet. The condition of ...

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The public Meteorite Identification Program hosted by the ASU Center for ... You can do this test at home, using the ceramic ring on the bottom of a coffee cup, ...

What to Do If You Think You've Found a Meteorite


6 days ago ... Go through the Self-Test Check-List. If you're still confused, try my Some Meteorite Realities website where many of the same points are stated ...

Meteorite Tests


Jan 1, 2009 ... Meteorite Testing. by Kevin Kilkenny. While I'm no expert, I believe I can lead you to finding out if your meteorite is genuine. But before I begin, ...

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Test your find with a good hardware store magnet or a rare earth magnet. An extremely small percentage of meteorites (far less than one in a thousand) do not  ...

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A step-by step process to determine whether or not your rock is a meteorite. ... How to Identify a Meteorite (The Magnet Test and Native Iron) ...

How to Identify a Meteorite -- Step 1 - The Meteorite Market


A step-by step process to determine whether or not your rock is a meteorite.

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Meteorites fall to Earth all the time and are distributed over the entire planet, ... This is a definitive test of a meteorite, but requires a chemical analysis or acid ...

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All of these materials are frequently mistaken for meteorites. Identification of a genuine meteorite takes a practiced eye, but there are a number of simple tests ...

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So You Think You've Found a Meteorite; Is It Really a Meteorwrong? ... Test for streak by rubbing the rock on unglazed porcelain such as the back of a tile.

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Q: How do you test for nickel in meteorites?
A: A quick test to determine what is in a sample of a meteorite (or anything else, for that matter) is to run that sample through a. mass spectrometer. Mass spectr... Read More »
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Q: How can i get a meteorite tested for authenticity?
A: A college geology department should be of help. Read More »
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Q: Where can i get meteorites tested to see if thier real in ny?
A: The American Museum of Natural History. Central Park West at 79th St. New York,NY,10024. Source(s) www.catchafallingstar.com/findmeteorite.…. Read More »
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Q: Nuclear Test or Meteorite?
A: Washington, D.C., 5 May 2006 – Many U.S. government officials and scientists disagreed with the findings of a presidential panel that the double flash signal pi... Read More »
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Q: Want Your Suspected Meteorite Tested?
A: If you have found what you suspect to be a meteorite and want to have it looked at by a professional free of charge, then maybe later to send it off to have it ... Read More »
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