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SMS language or textese (also known as txt-speak, txtese, chatspeak, txt, txtspk, txtk, txto, texting language, txt lingo, SMSish, txtslang, txt talk, or l33tsp34k) is a ...

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Sep 29, 2015 ... This Webopedia Quick Reference lists more than 1400 text message ... text messaging (SMS), came the emergence of a new texting language, ...

The Largest List of Chat Acronyms and Text Message Shorthand (IM ...


a.k.a. Internet acronyms, text message jargon, abbreviations, initialisms, ... of computer culture, and they have since spawned a new language on the Internet.

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TxtDrop's complete text message abbreviation list is a reference to help you save some time when texting, emailing, or IMing friends. Save yourself some time ...

It's a language going round the Earth - Texting. Well, it's those acronyms such as 'URT1' (Translation: You are the one) which young people (and some old) are using when sending SMS messages, speaking in chat rooms or sending e-mail. Here is a resource for English lea... More »
By Kenneth Beare, About.com Guide

50 Popular Texting Abbreviations & Internet Acronyms — Explained


The Language of Internet: the following is a list of some common acronyms ... And they should help to better understand the meaning of text centered messages.

92 Teen Text Terms Decoded for Confused Parents | TIME.com


May 3, 2012 ... Not so long ago, most teenagers' text messages read to other people like a ... teen text message mavens created their own form of language ...

Essential texting acronyms every parent must know - USA Today


Jan 2, 2015 ... Sometimes it feels like parents and teens don't speak the same language. When it comes to texting, chatting and emailing, that's literally true.

Texting Abbreviations


Browse and search thousands of Texting Abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource.

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Here is a handy guide to texting abbreviations and symbols for use in an ... Texting and Chat Abbreviations .... What does 'oh' stand for in texting language?

Popular Q&A
Q: How to Understand Text Language.
A: Have you ever wondered what the odd symbols such as TTYL, BRB, LMAO, and ROFL mean? Perhaps you don't know how to respond when someone texts you this. Just say,... Read More »
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Q: What is lms for text language?
A: Lms=Like my status. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: What is yes in text language?
A: It depends. Yes in text language can be 'yes' but it could also be 'ye' or 'y' or 'yeah' but most of the time it's easy to tell what means 'yes'. Read More »
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Q: What are the advantages of text language.
A: Abbreviated words used when texting, or 'text language', can be helpful to people who need to type fast or jot down notes to themselves without wasting time wri... Read More »
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Q: What is cakin in texting language?
A: "Cakin" is a slang term meaning "being on the phone for hours on end and ignoring everything around you". Are you "cakin"? Read More »
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