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The only pro to texting while driving is that a message can be sent immediately rather than waiting; however, there are numerous cons to texting while driving including the fact th...

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Texting while driving

Texting while driving, also called texting and driving, is the act of composing, sending, reading text messages, email, or making similar use of the web on a ...

The Dangers of Texting While Driving |

Dec 8, 2014 ... The Dangers of Texting While Driving. The popularity of mobile devices has had some unintended and even dangerous consequences.
In September of that year, authorities reported that as a result of the strict new enforcement against drivers who use hand-held electronic devices, law enforcement officials issued over twice as many tickets for texting while driving (TWD) offenses in New York State du... More »
By Linda Tagliaferro, Guide

Texting and Driving Statistics -

Texting while driving is a growing trend, and a national epidemic, quickly becoming one of the country's top killers. Drivers assume they can handle texting while ...

10 Statistics That Capture The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Jun 8, 2015 ... While this story is tragic, texting and driving is far from unusual. A staggering 49 percent of adults admit to texting and driving, even though 98 ...

State Distracted Driving Driving Laws

The chart below lists all current state distracted driving laws, including handheld bans and restrictions on texting while driving.

Texting While Driving: How Dangerous is it? - Feature - Car and Driver

Undoubtedly, more than a few of those messages are being sent by people driving cars. Is texting while driving a dangerous idea? We decided to conduct a test.

Texting and Driving Statistics - Distracted Driving Drives Up Risk

The numbers illustrating the dangers of cell phone use while driving are ... Texting while driving is 6x more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk.

Popular Q&A
Q: How to text while driving.
A: DON’T !! Plain and simple, just don’t do it.  In California it’s illegal and has been since January 1, 2009. Illegal, yet every single day I see numerous driver... Read More »
Q: Why not to text while driving?
A: Do not text while driving, it takes your attention off of the road and milliseconds can make the difference between a safe trip or a trip to the morgue. An auto... Read More »
Q: Is texting while driving good?
A: No. Texting while driving is now illegal in many places. The reason for this law is that while you are sending and receiving text messages you are not concentra... Read More »
Q: Is texting while driving real?
A: Of course it is real ! EDIT: Yes it's real - and ILLEGAL in the UK) You can get six points on your licence AND a hefty fine when you're caught. Read More »
Q: How dangerous is it to text while driving?
A: It's apparently more dangerous than drinking and driving. See. Matt Cohler's answer to Driving: How do I get my co-founder to stop texting and emailing while dr... Read More »