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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress - Wikipedia


The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber. The B-52 was designed and built by Boeing, which has continued to provide support and upgrades. It has been op...

USASC-USAAS-USAAC-USAAF-USAF Military Aircraft Serial ...


For example Navy A-1E Skyraider BuNo 132890 became 52-132890 on USAF rolls. ... Five letters were used--A for US Air Force, G for US Army, N for Air National Guard, R for Air ... For example, 41-38 would have the tail number written as 1038. ... these older aircraft had the number zero and a dash added in front of the tail ...

Air Force Journalistic Style Guide for Public Releases - U.S. Air Force


Mar 27, 2014 ... guide to help Air Force news editors with Air Force-unique words and phrases that the ... style and usage not covered in the AP Stylebook. ... unit”, “the command” or “the office” can be .... always use the letter-number designation ... B -52 Stratofortress. .... use Honorable in front of a civilian's title. ...... P...

DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE - Veterans to the DD214 Website!


Nov 22, 2005 ... This publication does apply to the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) and the Air National ... When to Use DD Forms 214 and 256AF.

B52 Psychological Operations Leaflets


We leave this to the weapons of our tactical air force. We fly in German air ... Sometimes the enemy would use our own bomber leaflet theme against us. ... Curiously, a number of OSS anti-Nazi and Hitler cartoon leaflets were all coded with the letter “S.” ..... The front of the newspaper depicts two B-29 Superfortress bombers.

The Plane That Would Bomb Iran - The Atlantic


Andersen Air Force Base has long had a squadron of heavy bombers, deployed there ... time with B-52 pilots from Barksdale Air Force Base, near Shreveport, Louisiana. ... bomb reflected his belief that the ultimate warrior is always in the front line. ... forged by—to use one example—29-hour hauls from Whiteman to Kosovo.

The New Iraqi Air Force: F-16IQ Block 52 Fighters


Aug 10, 2016 ... In terms of its front-line fighters, its chosen F-16IQ Block 52s show a ... So they're continuing their training, but instead of training using U.S. training aircraft they will now use .... They have given me a letter requesting acceleration, but they ...... derived from the RD-33 engines that used to equip Iraqi Mi...

Dover Air Force Base History - Delaware Military History


The history of Dover Air Force Base begins in1939, when in response to the Nazi invasion of Poland, the Civilian ... 52 from Maryland, on December 8, 1941. The Army Corps .... November 29, 1942 and assigned to the Army Air Forces Antisubmarine Command. ... as a team using the same aircraft they would use in combat.

The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II


The documents can help readers to make up their own minds about ... The nuclear age had truly begun with the first military use of atomic weapons. ..... A " Fat Man" test unit being raised from the pit into the bomb bay of a B-29 for bombing practice .... As part of the war with Japan, the Army Air Force waged a campaign to ...

Defense Science Board Task Force on B-52H Re-Engining


Task Force Chairman's letter and report. r. IJ~~. ~ ... Air Force to place the B-52H re-engining program on a fast acquisition track with a 4-5 ... OSD investigate the use of more robust analytical tools that introduce the ~ of improved ..... the task force, overall B-52H in-flight refueling demand would be reduced by between 50.