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Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. It is derived from ..... The time signature or meter signature specifies how many beats are in a measure, and ... The basic ele...

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d. meter ... The basic framework for ordering music through time is the? The basic ... A basic premise of the national response framework is? incidents are ...

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Nov 23, 2013 ... The basic framework for ordering music through time is the 15. In musical ... The ______ is a musical form that utilizes multiple soloists. 36.

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Until the sixteenth century, music was written primarily A. in the minor mode. C. in the ... The basic framework for ordering music through time is the A. value.

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Rhythm, in music, the placement of sounds in time. ... derived from rhein, “to flow” ) is an ordered alternation of contrasting elements. ... Rubato needs the framework of an inflexible beat from which it can depart and to which it must return. ... The two basic types of time measure have either two or three beats and admit of ...

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Investigations of the psychological representation for musical meter provided ... time. Psychological theories of serially ordered behaviors ... through reference to a more abstract system of knowledge ... may provide a (time-based) framework from which temporal ...... exhibited by all listeners fit the same basic framework, with.

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through the sound system at the shopping mall, or even while they are performing— ... learned in their music theory class, in context, and in “real time. ... training beyond basic music notation, and all of the subject matter in the AP Music ..... then make a reduction of the harmonic progression or melodic framework, or you may.

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Jun 30, 2016 ... There are basic aspects of compositional thinking that seem to have become almost ... Sound unfolding in time, on the other hand, produces musical thought. ... of elements, and the ordering of these drives the overall experience. ... is willing to concentrate and truly listen through a piece of music at all.

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Symbolic Music Information based on the space-time organization of ... widely used through the article. SMI: Symbolic .... that can represent only basic music information. The author has ... contain explicit descriptions of time ordering and absolute time instances of .... A problem arising in the definition of such a framework is.

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Kramer (1988) explores the ways in which time functions in music and defines ... also in our interpretation of abstract art which provides no obvious framework for the ... Much of Stevens' poetry constructs a unique reality as seen through the poet's .... in fact, can be considered one of the most basic elements controlled by t...

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Search: The basic framework for ordering music through time is the A. syllable. B. meter. C. value. D. phrase. I'm pretty sure it's B, but I really wanna ace this test.

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Jan 28, 2016 ... WorldlyGlass49; Ace. 2016-01-29T18:48:17+00:00. The basic framework for ordering music through time is the meter. The correct answer is D.

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basic set The underlying tone row in a serial composition. ... brass A family of instruments with cup-shaped mouthpieces through which ... canon (1) Strict imitation, in which one voice imitates another at a staggered time interval; (2) a piece ..... scale An array of fixed, ordered pitches bounded by two notes an octave apart.