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The Brave One is a 2007 American psychological thriller film directed by Neil Jordan, produced by Joel Silver, and starring Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard.


The Brave One is a 1956 Mexican-American Technicolor drama film directed by Irving Rapper and starring Michel Ray, Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr., and Elsa Cárdenas.


Crime · Struggling to recover emotionally from a brutal assault that killed her fiancé and left her .... Two of the men assault the couple, while the third uses a camcorder to film this incident. Erica is knocked unconscious, and regains her senses ...


Drama · A young Mexican boy tirelessly tries to save his pet bull from death at the hands of a .... The movie credits the story to one "Robert Rich," who was a front for Trumbo during the period of his being blacklisted during the McCarthy era ...


Feb 5, 2008 ... I think The Brave One could have been a better film with a different ending, but it's still a well-crafted, thought-provoking story with outstanding ...


Sep 13, 2007 ... And Neil Jordan's "The Brave One" gives her someone strong to play ... Now the movie becomes less about Erica's killings and more about ...

Jul 5, 2007 ... Neil Jordan's The Brave One stars Jodie Foster as a happy woman whose life changes irrevocably after a brutal assault leaves her partner ...


New York City radio host Erica Bain decides to take the law into her own hands after losing her fiancé in a brutal Central Park ... The Brave One ... This movie is:.

Aug 26, 2012 ... The Brave One - Trailer ... Now she is a stranger to herself, an armed wanderer in the urban night, ... JoBlo Movie Trailers 4,304,290 views.