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The term Fair Game is used to describe policies and practices carried out by the Church of ... The Church has retained an aggressive policy towards those it perceives as its enemies, ... husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends. ..... "Scientology chief got millions, ex-aides say".


Friends and family are frequent targets of aggression because they convenient, easy targets.


The chief reason that family and friends are frequent targets ofaggression is that.


It was not until Prohibition that mafia families began to move into the front ranks of criminal syndicates. ... Italian immigrant hunters had been frequent targets of Seely Houk's patrols, and .... would in three years become uninhabitable by reason of the myriads of insects." ... The lure of the hunt bonded neighbors and friends.


Dec 15, 2008 ... This study also examined the most frequent negative acts by workplace ... Reiss - my fellow target and Pamela Strong, and family and friends who always ...... department or organization where there is low morale for any reason. .... or CEO [ chief executive officer] who doesn't take the matter of workplace.


Aug 20, 2016 ... ... the moderate opposition to continue to do that and perhaps get a lot more aggressive. ... And, Morell says that in attacking Syrian government targets ... collects and she never gave us one reason to doubt how she was handling that. ... Fortunately, a friend taped and uploaded the audio onto YouTube.


Nov 1, 2004 ... Bullying involves a pattern of repeated aggression, a deliberate intent to harm or ... 70 percent more likely to be in frequent fights, and 30 percent more likely to be .... by family, friends, school, the community, and the cultural environment. .... Are targets of bullying and also bully younger or weaker children.


Nov 12, 2015 ... enforcement is required to stop the aggressive action of a shooter to ..... For this reason, it is important that each facility's active shooter preparedness plan ... of the target and/or the target's friends and/or family. .... from the internal security office, Office of the Inspector General, Office of the Chief Human.


Mar 4, 2014 ... would actually spring out the very moment the target perceives the hostile conduct, ... contexts such as within the couple relation, in the family, and with friends [48]. ... which could contribute indirectly to aggression and bullying [45]. .... that the most important reason for bullying lies on organizational factors, ...


Mar 10, 2010 ... ... too popular might make someone a target for social aggression. ... still tell myself occasionally now — that the reason other girls didn't want to ...