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Human musculoskeletal system


The human musculoskeletal system is an organ system that gives humans the ability to move using their muscular and skeletal systems. The musculoskeletal system provides form, support, stability, and...

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Different body systems consist of collections of cells, tissues, and organs with a common purpose. ... The muscular system consists of layers of muscles that cover the bones of the skeleton, extend across joints, and can ... It provides support for the body and protection for many of its internal parts. CIRCULATORY SYSTEM.

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The system protects body organs, supports the body, and provides attachment points for muscles to enable body movement. All bones act as storage sites for ...

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Circulatory System- Excretory system filters waste from here. Nervous ... Skeletal. system provides support for your body and protects many internal organs.

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There are more than 206 bones that support the body, most of these bones are ... Some, like your backbone that provides structure which lets you to stand up straight. ... The calcified bones of your skeleton also work with the circulatory system.

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The skeletal system provides vital support and protection for all the other ... The marrow inside bones is critical to the circulatory system, and the cells in the ...

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Study the functions of the human skeleton and muscular systems with BBC ... The human skeleton provides several functions including support, protection, ...

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Support - the skeleton provides support for the soft tissues of the body, enabling .... Its function is to "pump" blood through the circulatory system by contracting.

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The skeletal system is a structural framework providing support, shape, and protection to ... Additionally, the skeletal system provides attachment sites for organs. ... The circulatory system circulates blood throughout the body and in doing so ...

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The immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscle and reproductive systems are also ... Here is a diagram of the human circulatory system, including the heart and major ... works with the immune system to provide structure and support for our body. ... The muscular system also provides structure for our body and works with the ...

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Function: supports and protects body; muscles attached to bones; provides calcium storage; ... Components: skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, smooth muscle ... -Consists of two subsystems: the cardiovascular system (includes the heart which ...

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Circulatory- heart, vessels, and blood; Skeletal- body's framework, bones, ... 29.2 Support - The Big Idea: "The body's skeleton provides support and protection.".

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The body comprises of a number of systems including the: Cardiovascular system, ... The skeletal system comprises of 206 bones and provides four basic functions: Support for tissues and muscle; Protection for vital organs; Movement through ...