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Europe is traditionally defined as one of seven continents. Physiographically, it is the .... The longest rivers in Europe with their approximate lengths: ... from coastal northwest Europe to southe...

The climate of northwest Europe has been of benefit to its economy ...


The climate of northwest Europe has been of benefit to its economy because the ... Why do you think Scandinavia has one of the coldest climates in Europe?

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Jan 4, 2012 ... Europe's rich agricultural and industrial diversity has made the continent ... This mild climate allows Europe to produce a variety of agricultural products. ... As a result of its high level of human and economic development, Europe ... industry makes it one of the most economically dynamic countries in Europe.

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Without the warm North Atlantic Drift, the UK and other places in Europe would be as ... Off the British Isles it splits into two branches, one going south (the Canary Current) ... For example, the Drift is particularly important because it keeps many ... ironically lead to colder climates throughout the UK and Northwest Europe.



Since the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991, Russia has been given its own ... but has traditionally been considered a part of Europe because of Denmark's colonial ... Describe the various climate types and physical landforms of the European continent. ... Europe has emerged as one of the core economic centers of the global ...

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and H2O. One cannot have cheap energy without carbon dioxide emissions. ... tries who contribute least to climate change are most vulnerable to its effects. Climate ... the Emissions Trading System of the European Union, carbon dioxide would be ..... The initial benefits arise partly because more carbon dioxide in the atmo-.

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Sep 10, 2009 ... European Plain, one of the greatest uninterrupted expanses of plain on the ... Because it covers so much territory, the plain gives Europe the ... Finland in the northwest is underlain by ancient, resistant, crystalline rocks, part ... The west has a maritime climate very favourable to agriculture. .... The economy.

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Oct 19, 2013 ... Climate change has done more good than harm so far and is likely to ... And academics have not exactly been keen to push such analysis ... then you should accept the consensus on economic benefit. .... As Bjorn Lomborg has pointed out, the European Union will pay £165 billion for its current climate ...



Climate and weather are important factors in tourists' decision making and ... For this reason, tourist destinations will benefit ... Even though most tourism demand studies focus on economic variables ... 1994; Lim et al., 2008), climate has been identified as a key driver for tourism ...... Opportunities for England's Northwes...

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Economic change means winners as well as losers. .... effect could harm nations that are already hard pressed and benefit nations that are already affluent. ... Perhaps because Russia might be much better off in a warming world: Warming's ... One fear about artificially triggered climate change has been that global warming ...