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The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is a North American cat that appeared during the Irvingtonian stage of ..... Like all cats, the bobcat 'directly registers', meaning its hind prints usually fall exac...

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The most common wildcat in North America, the bobcat is named for its short, bobbed tail. They are medium-sized cats and are slightly smaller but similar in ...

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Bobcats are elusive and nocturnal, so they are rarely spotted by humans. Although they are seldom seen, they roam throughout much of North America and ...

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American bobcats (Lynx rufus) are found throughout most of North America, apart from northern Canada. They can adapt to many habitats, including forests, ...

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Mar 15, 2015 ... The bobcats in the North tend to be larger than those in the south. ... reduce the North American population from morethan 125 individuals to 0.

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Description. Owing its common name to its short 'bobbed' tail, the bobcat (Lynx rufus) has the widest distribution of any native cat in North America Like other ...

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Nov 10, 2008 ... The Bobcat is the most widely distributed of all North American felines ... The Bobcat is a carnivorous feline meaning that it only hunts and eats ...

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The bobcat's varied habitats share certain characteristics, including, for ... than its North American relatives, the cougar or the Canadian lynx, the bobcat has the ...

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Bobcat Lynx rufus populations are thought to be increasing in North America; however, little information exists on their current ... Keywords: bobcat; Lynx rufus; monitoring; North America; population status ..... Summary of the symposium on the.

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The Bobcat Lynx rufus is the most successful wild cat species in North America, and more easily recognized than many other small wild cats.