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Movable singularity


In the theory of ordinary differential equations, a movable singularity is a point where the solution of the equation behaves badly and which is "movable" in the sense that its location de...

make a table and graph to solve, x-2y=2, for the domain of {-2,0,2}.


SOLUTION: make a table and graph to solve, x-2y=2, for the domain of {-2,0,2}. ... range or the y coordinates for x={-2,0,2} and the equation x-2y=2---->y=(1/2)x-1

SOLUTION: determine the range of the linear equation: y=4x-x^2 ...


You can put this solution on YOUR website! determine the range of the linear equation: y=4x-x^2: domain={-1,-2,0} --- If x = -1, y = -4-1 = -5 --- If x = -2, y = -8-4 = - ...

1.1 - Graphs and Graphing Utilities


Equations must be solved explicitly for y before being placed into the calculator. ... x<sup>2</sup> + y<sup>2</sup> = 16 has the solutions y = + sqrt(16 - x<sup>2</sup>) and y = - sqrt(16 - x<sup>2</sup>) ... The standard zoom setting sets the domain and range to [-10,10] and the scale to 1.

Inverse Variation - Shmoop


This numerical seesawing goes on and on till you get dizzy or solve the ... If y is inversely proportional to x<sup>2</sup>, and y = 4 when x = 5, find y when x = 10. Write the ...

Graphing Parabolas (Quadratic Equations) - New Page 1 - Tripod


y (or f(x) in a function, but I am using y) = ax<sup>2</sup> + bx + c, where the domain for x is all ... quadratic equations before, you know that when you solve for x (and y = 0),  ...

Parametric Equations


Let's study the following equations and the graphs with the following colors. ... the solution on the x axis and the B value represents a solution on the y axis. ... 1 and B = 16, the relative maximum value of each equation on the domain was at (1,0) ... x-value of each of the four equations is at (2,0) and the maximum y-values of ...

How to solve a system of equation in the real domain with ...


Feb 24, 2015 ... Question:How to solve a system of equation in the real domain with ... a := y > 0. y1 = solve(f, y, useassumptions = true). y1 = (sqrt(-x^2+1), ...



Plotting graphs where the domain of the function has a circular domain is ... to plot the top half of the sphere with equation x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 16, we solve for z ... We draw this from r = 0 to 1, since we will later look at this cone with a sphere of ...

Complex Numbers as Two-Dimensional Numbers


To construct a larger number system where this equation can be solved, ... Each complex number x + yi corresponds to a number pair (x, y) in the plane, so we may ... u + vi such that (x + yi)(u + vi) = 1, specifically u + vi = x/(x<sup>2</sup> + y<sup>2</sup>) - yi/(x<sup>2</sup> + y <sup>2</sup>). ... The total graph requires four real dimensions, two for the domain and two for ...

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SOLUTION: find the range and domain and vertex and intercepts of ...


SOLUTION: find the range and domain and vertex and intercepts of a graph whose ... y=0=x^2+4x-5 (x+5)(x-1)=0 x=-5 or x=1 .. Range:[-9,∞) Domain:(-∞,∞)

Solve - Logarithmic ex4


Solve for x. log (x + 21) = 2 - log x ..... 10<sup>2</sup> = x(x + 21) ... Use definition logxz = y x<sup>y</sup> = z .... No, since the domain for the log function is positive numbers, -25 is not an answer, x ... Click here for a different approach to solving logarithmic equations.



is valid if $\left( x-2\right) >0\longrightarrow x> the term ... Let's solve it first by graphing; we do this by changing all the bases to either 10 or e. ... We are looking for the point(s) of intersection, $\left( x,y\right) .$ ... This is consistent with our finding that the domain of the original equation is the set of rea...