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A thunderstorm, also known as an electrical storm, a lightning storm, or a thundershower, is a ... Damage that results from thunderstorms is mainly inflicted by downburst winds ... Mesoscale convect...

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Ordinary air mass thunderstorm are most likely to form during what time of the day ... The downdraft in an ordinary cell thunderstorm is created mainly by ...

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Nov 17, 2013 ... The downdraft in an air-mass thunderstorm is created mainly by: .... Explain why ordinary cell thunderstorms tend to dissipate much sooner than ...

Updrafts/Downdrafts: rising and sinking air


The upward moving air in a thunderstorm is known as the updraft, while downward moving air is the downdraft. The atmosphere can be unstable for updrafts but ...

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Mar 29, 2016 ... The derecho had formed around noon in southern Minnesota. .... The development of a thunderstorm's downdraft ordinarily marks the .... Some low- dewpoint systems appear to be ordinary serial-type events .... The Berlin area was hardest-hit, with eight people killed and 39 injured, mainly from falling trees.

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May 27, 2010 ... This occurs when the downdrafts in the cloud begins to dominate over ... The whole process takes about one hour for an ordinary thunderstorm.

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Created. 11/04/2008. Click here to study/print these flashcards. ... **a single ordinary thunderstorm may go through its three stages in one hour or less. * thunderstorms can bring great cooling with downdrafts ... -within eye, winds are light and clouds are mainly broken... the surface air pressure is very low... nearly 955mb.

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Left Mover - A thunderstorm which moves to the left relative to the steering winds, .... severe thunderstorms (mainly with large hail) can occur, but tornadoes are unlikely. ... between a supercell's inflow region and the rear-flank downdraft (or RFD). .... Ordinary streak lightning that appears to spread horizontally into a ribbon...

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3-D image of dynamic pressure affects inside a supercell thunderstorm with ... Schematic side-view and top down views of the evolutions of an ordinary cell thunderstorm ... At this point, the precipitation and downdraft descend into the updraft and ..... This effect created by vertical wind shear mainly acts to distribute rainfall ...

Characteristics of Microbursts in the Continental United States


Sep 21, 1986 ... posed by thunderstorm downdrafts impacting ... 1 - Downdrafts from a thunderstorm can be haz- ... the tenn "microburst" was created to distin- ..... ber is greater than 1 initially, depending mainly .... of ordinary strength. The Air ...

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when the downdraft spreads throughout the cloud and cuts off the updraft. d. ... ____ 4. The downdraft in an ordinary thunderstorm is created mainly by: ...

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Characterized by the presence of both updrafts and downdrafts within the cloud. ... As the mature-stage thunderstorm develops, the cumulus cloud continues to ...

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The downdraft in an ordinary thunderstorm is created mainly by: a. Evaporating raindrops that make the air cold and heavy 9. Background image of page 1.